Monday, September 25, 2006

I really don't have time for this...

Blogging is dangerous. It's so nice having a good bitching session that it becomes almost addictive in a way!

Today was nice and relaxed. I got to wits to find that Luke still had my key, so I sat and chatted to Neva and Oliver and they laughed at me a lot. I battle to stay on one topic for long and they find it hilarious how I get all excited all of a sudden and jump from a conversation about Tanzania to one about the Placebo effect. Oliver said he thinks I have ADD. And all these years I thought it was just enthusiasm...

When Luke got to Wits he came and helped me feed lizards (Luke, u is ROX!!!!) and then to clean Melville's tank. She's developed a weird tendency to rip up the newspaper, I hope it's nothing serious. She ran all over the lab. It was really cute, at one stage Luke was sitting at my computer and she climbed up on the chair next to him (it's the Australian's chair but it tends to gravitate to my computer because there are always people coming to visit) and sat looking up at him. Occasionally I got a malevolent look. Do iguanas go through adolescence? I had some definate babysitting flashbacks!

Then Luke picked her up for the first time (I wish I had a camera!) and put her back in the tank. After all that we went to go analyse some more dung and wound up chattig to Megan for ages. She's really awesome and interesting to talk to and it's easy to lose hours chatting.

When I got back to the lab I found that Melville had tipped her waterdish over and ripped up her newspaper again. I think she was too hot because it was a warm day and her tank is right by the window. When we got her out (after a lot of her sitting in her waterbowl threatening to attack) she made a beeline for behind the fridge. I had horrible visions of having to write to my supervisor to say I'd lost another lizard (and not a Platy either). Luke managed to fend her off until he sat down again and she climbed onto his lap and we managed to pick her up. She responded to my carrying her to her tank by trying her hardest to climb onto my head. I have cuts on my hand as proof. Fortunately Luke was stull there and he helped me untangle myself and we put her back. She promptly tipped over her waterdish again.

Otherwise it was a really nice day. I came home and semi-slept (i.e. lay on my bed making To Do lists in my head) for a bit and then actually chatted to my mom, which is a very rare occurance. I think it's because my brother is home again.

I sat to work on my presentation for next week (it keeps growing, it's 32 slides long already! I'm just scared to leave stuff out because the chances are I'll forget it entirely if it isn't on the actual slide show which is what happened last time). When my dad got home he yelled at me for getting home late because he thought I'd be home by lunch so i could go and visit my grandparents with him. Then my mother came and told me that she told my other grandmother that I never visit her because I hate her. She does this from time to time which always results in me making a very awkward phonecall. It's hard to tell an eighty year old that you don't hate her.

I responded by yelling back that I'm stressed and under a lot of pressure and I don't have time for this and slammed the door.

Right after that one of my lecturers phoned me to say that I have to be in by 6:45 tomorrow to give him some stuff from the lab. I was planning on going in early because it's a measuring day, but it still sucks!

So I'm going to go to bed now and sulk because my family ruined a perfectly good day, once again. Plus I just realised how much stats I still have to do for this presentation!



sarah said...

luke picked melville up?


Luke said...

I know! It was really scary and I now have scratches all over my arms but I did it! She's actually not all that scary...

Anonymous said...

i'm glad to see that you experience peace by blogging out your stress. I think this is a very good process and is very beneficail to a healthy psyche. Keep up the good work.
And interesting too!