Friday, September 22, 2006

Quote of the day by Luke:

"You don't even know what she is! I mean who she looks like!"

Just had to share that.

Also yesterday Vanessa left her water bottle in the DP room, so we put it back on her desk with a rude note attached (it said "a rude note").

ALso, just had to share it.
I'm coming in tomorrow to check on lizards and help stare at crap, so I'll probably blog then.

And Campus Health is evil! I got a lecture about how they aren't a chemist and I need a consult to get drugs.

Anyway ahve to go to a really boring Yebo Gogga meeting and Luke is twitching because we're going to be late and miss all the good biscuits (again)!


Anonymous said...

staring at crap and doing drugs. sounds cool.
actually i just use to do drugs then stare at crap (meaning stuff, not actual feces) because regular stuff is kind of cool when you're high

Luke said...

Hmmm...Well Trav' I'm not quite high as such. Just have too much energy and the attention span of an egg. But it is lots of fun though!