Thursday, June 30, 2011

My so-called life

I would blog, but I’m facing a personal crisis right now – a situation is approaching where I am going to have to be ‘the Bigger Person’ and I really don’t want to.



Meet my little pwnie, Buttercup-the-Kickass. Made here.

Take that mr ex-stalker! Hoof to the FACE!

At least in cyber-space I can still be immature. and it feels GOOD.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I would include a cheesy quote about stars


but I don’t want to.

(Dedicated to the people who knew that before I said it)

image from

Monday, June 27, 2011

The awesomeness of discovery

So I discovered this morning that the boxing class at the gym is not actually a tae-bo style like I’ve done before. Nope. You get your punching bag and you beat it up.

Of course not knowing this I didn’t have boxing gloves (a relic from TOD) with me, but I joined in anyway and ended up a)with sore knuckles, b)exhilarated to the point of wanting to go running (I opted for a nap anyway) and c)with the trainer person insisting that I stay an extra half hour next week so he can teach me how to train in between. I may die.

Then after a long day of being victimised by someone with a vacuum cleaner (the lady who works for us is awesome, but seemingly eccentric and spent several hours vacuuming the tiles outside of the room where I was trying to work), I got changed for yoga (because you don’t spend an hour boxing and then maintain the ability to walk unless you do some heavy-duty stretching) and found that my gym shirt (it contains a shock-absorber and was my pride and joy for two days before I got bitten by the dog and couldn’t run):


for some reason finding hidden pockets in clothes is one of my favourite surprises (only ranking behind rediscovering hidden pockets and finding money I hid there)

I have a pocket and I am invincible!

this just about sums it up


picture from here

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pretty shiny prizes!

The super-awesome Nes has given me two LOVELY awards. Something about her… well IRL Nes is one of my favourite people in the whole world. I often think she’s not crazy at all – everyone else is. She’s someone who just loves the people she cares about, no matter how much they may hurt her. she’s always available when you need a shoulder to cry on, a pep talk, or just some girly gossip. She was the P1’s first cheerleader, and even co-conspirator who gave him the address to send flowers to my lab, and then called me to make sure I wasn’t freaking out when I got them.

Anway back to the shiny pink prizes:

blog prize 2 blog prize 1

They both follow pretty much the same drill: 7 random things about me and 5 awesome people to pass it on to.

Random things about me:

  1. I have had a mild obsession with Bon Jovi since I was ten, and ever since the rumours of their coming to South Africa started I’ve checked their tour website at least once every two weeks.
  2. The scariest thing that happened to me was babysitting for the first time and hearing my mother’s voice coming out of my mouth.
  3. I am trying to visualise were I will be a year from now, but I can’t seem to imagine a complete picture.
  4. Graduating is becoming something of an obsession (well graduation and sleep). My father is determined to get me to wear the horrible pouffy hat though.
  5. I am desperate to see the phdcomics movie!
  6. P1 is getting me seaquest, but that is not without judgement on his part (and on the housemates too)…
  7. I’ve developed an unhealthy addiction to the tubs of candyfloss you can get at spar. The sugar makes me cranky but it’s just so tasty and I love having a blue tongue afterwards

So people to give it to… I think it’s about time the skinny-bitches got something pink and shiny. They can split it one each if it makes them happy, otherwise doubling-up is totally ok too.

Dating is my hobby: OK, I’m a bit of a lurker there but I just love her blog with the insightful experiences of growing up and settling down and enjoying the simple moments that make everything worthwhile. And the occasional panic which I can totally identify with.

Bonda84: besides being my email-advice giver, I am loving seeing her having fun and living her life after settling for not-good-enough.

Kath Lockett: For moving across the world and still making me laugh or cry. And for showing me that you don’t have to be perfect to be loved and happy which is better than perfect.

Po: for stopping blogging and making me so sad and then starting again. And for having awesome music taste (and not just the vuvuzela)

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Important lessons

I stole this from Caz who stole it from somewhere who stole it from the huffington post. And as I am whiny enough without having to endure pantless girls walking around, please use this chart before you leave the house so that I don’t have to put on my old lady voice and ask you if you aren’t cold.

(I linked to the blog pot I stole it from so click on the picture if the whole thing isn’t showing up, I’ve been fighting with it and it hates me)

Friday, June 03, 2011

Fill in the blanks Friday!

OK, first tings first, blogger hates me and won’t let me comment. On My own Blog.

Secondly, it’s Friday! And rather than write about my mini/massive meltdown that resulted in me crying in the middle of a shopping centre while P1 got me lunch and tried to fend off the angry shoppers who thought he was being mean to me (phd depression, google it. I’m not alone), or about our accidentally ending up at kareoke-night with a bunch of awesome old guys (and my less-than sparkling kareoke debut), I decided to take the easy option.

As always it’s from here:

1.  I love hairdye because it makes me feel like a new person when I’m having a sad day and don’t want to be ‘me’ for a while. I’m considering going red again.

2.  A time that mama knew best was when she told me about the difference between assertive and aggressive. And that when I crashed my brother’s car the best thing was to et me take the dog for a walk. for about 4 hours.

3.  My first kiss went a little like this   ...not quite magical, it was a bit on the awkward side and I don’t think I ever spoke to that person again.

4.  My celebrity crush is Joaquin Phoenix. Pre-weird phase. Also Hugh Jackman and john Cusak (before he started ageing badly).

5.  My splurge of choice is makeup and earrings. It would be shoes but i have big feet and finding shoes that fit me and aren’t ugly is difficult and traumatic.

6.  My biggest accomplishment is surviving my degree so far. And becoming who I am today (who is someone I might consider being friends with – well if the stupid tears stopped happening. I had to wear waterproof mascara for the last week to avoid the panda-style).

7.  My dance jam of choice is cheesy old music, think Duran Duran, Journey, Bon Jovi. Alternatively anything garbage or Prodigy and I WILL dance. 


Wednesday, June 01, 2011

What’s news?

Well after a weekend of working like a demon, having some pretty demonic mood-swings (they say writing a thesis is like giving birth, they may be right), and pulling a full 14-hour day on Monday I sent a huge chunk off to the superV. I had warned him it was coming and he had responded quite eagerly, so of course after sending it off and then sitting up overnight stressing about it, I shouldn’t have been surprised that he has stopped answering messages and hasn’t acknowledged receiving it.

Anyway I celebrated by going back to that random vintage place near my house (it’s here-ish by the way) and went through it and a slightly dodgier version a few shops down and found myself a lovely nicci cream crochet overdress thing that I’ve been looking for FOREVER. I also had to deal with my mother asking me if I was buying second-hand clothes because I was broke. And I realised that no matter what happens I will never buy a pair of second-hand shoes. Ick.

In the meantime MORE people are getting engaged. My mother has urged me to remember that even if I may have 60 years with the guy of my dreams, my ovaries aren’t going to last for too much longer. And (I quote) ‘your baby-making years are short and passing you by!”

Thanks mom.

I have discovered that while working in coffee shops is fantastic, I hate the vibe of 4th avenue during the day.  And R40 for a toasted sandwich is ridiculous. Lucky Moo’s yumyum chinese food on the other had is worth every penny!