Wednesday, June 01, 2011

What’s news?

Well after a weekend of working like a demon, having some pretty demonic mood-swings (they say writing a thesis is like giving birth, they may be right), and pulling a full 14-hour day on Monday I sent a huge chunk off to the superV. I had warned him it was coming and he had responded quite eagerly, so of course after sending it off and then sitting up overnight stressing about it, I shouldn’t have been surprised that he has stopped answering messages and hasn’t acknowledged receiving it.

Anyway I celebrated by going back to that random vintage place near my house (it’s here-ish by the way) and went through it and a slightly dodgier version a few shops down and found myself a lovely nicci cream crochet overdress thing that I’ve been looking for FOREVER. I also had to deal with my mother asking me if I was buying second-hand clothes because I was broke. And I realised that no matter what happens I will never buy a pair of second-hand shoes. Ick.

In the meantime MORE people are getting engaged. My mother has urged me to remember that even if I may have 60 years with the guy of my dreams, my ovaries aren’t going to last for too much longer. And (I quote) ‘your baby-making years are short and passing you by!”

Thanks mom.

I have discovered that while working in coffee shops is fantastic, I hate the vibe of 4th avenue during the day.  And R40 for a toasted sandwich is ridiculous. Lucky Moo’s yumyum chinese food on the other had is worth every penny!


Slyde said...

second hand shoes? maybe for chicks, but for guys? no way.

po said...

Good luck with the giving birth, I mean writing up!

Fiona said...

Thanks for the link to the vintage place. Your newly accquired crochet overdress thing sounds devine. I had to giggle at your mom for asking you if you are broke :)

DBAWIW said...

I've yet to eat at Lucky Moo's and I fear I have missed out.

What's the topic of your dissertation?