Wednesday, April 20, 2011

conversations at work

Client: I feel so bad, we're going down to the coast and I won't have time to wash my dogs

Me: that's ok, they look fine

Client: I can just imagine the look on my mother's face

Me: she'll be happy to see you. And them!

Client: She does love her grand-dogs... is that silly?

Me: no ways, I have god-dogs.

Client: that's lovely!

Me: mostly it involves me feeding them treats and bossing the owner around

Client: you sound like a lovely dogmother!

True story...

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I have learned

I heal fast. Ridiculously fast. It’s hard to believe a week ago I had leg-innards falling out and now I’m trying to decide whether to try running tomorrow or not. Probably not, but more because I picked up a cold in the doctors waiting room and now I sound like Macy Gray.

People can be really nice. Particularly if you mess up and inconvenience them and have to phone them and apologise. It’s always awesome to have someone who says “Sure! No problem!” It makes me want to be a nicer person just because of how awesome they are.

There are a lot of antibiotics out there. I’m currently on type number 3 in 10 days. On the plus side I’m not dealing with an infected dogbite (and type three hasn’t made me sick yet), and if I get any kind of secondary infection from this cold it’s been well and truly nuked by now.

Easter makes me want chocolate. A lot.

And still no petite lap-giraffe. It makes me sad.