Thursday, September 07, 2006


I didn't blog yesterday because my connection was REALLY slow and I was tired. Too bad actually because I had my photo of the day ready and everything! Not that anyone actually reads this, but I like to think that I have a responsibility to this.

I'm going a bit crazy at the moment. I always thought of myself as someone who liked a bit of quiet time. I always get a lot done when I'm on my own and I was kind of looking forward to having some time to myself this week. But it's horrible. I'm getting a lot of work done, I've got about 200 hours of video to watch and I got through about a third of it yesterday (by watching 4 videos at the same time, often on fast forward). I'm capturing the data for that now, it's taking a long time, but it loks good and I'm even a little bit excited to start analysis, but that's a long way off still.

Everything here's been a bit horrible, I was ina really bad mood yesterday, particularly when Luke and Vanessa and EEbEE and Brian came back between fieldwork to drop stuff off and didn't come and say hi. So I called Luke and yelled at him and now I feel horrible!

I also found out that a scholarship application of mine has vanished before one of my referrees could fill it in. So I went to watch video footage and I felt a lot better after that, so I went running off to tell my supervisor all about how awesome the camera system is, and all he wanted was to find out if I've bee speaking to my other supervisor.

The thing is, she's really nice, and she explains stuff well and she's an expert in a lot of areas. I've also spoken to her about 3 times in my life so far. It's not that I don't want her help, it's just that right now things are vaguely under control and I don't feel comfortable involving her just because she's here. I was also really tired so I said I'd talk to her and thenI went back to sit with Neva for some sympathy and when I left to talk to her I saw her walking off on her way home. She's sitting in here now, but I'm not going to do naything just yet, firts I'm going to go and have some tea and then go and see how my test subjects are doing and then go and watch some video footage. After that I have stats club (yes, I'm a nerd) and then I'll chat to her.

Oh... the title. well the squeaky mouse wasn't helping with my tentative grasp on sanity, so I just changed it for the mouse I brought from home a while ago. When I click it's so quiet! You'll never understand the annoyance of a squeaky mouse util you're clicking and dragging data all voer a spreadsheet!

I'm feeling a bit better about life right now, the pressure is mounting but I think a I'll survive, as long as I have some tea. Tea makes everything ok!

I know these birds are really common overseas, but I'd never seen one before I was in the uk in December, so I spent a lot of time stalking them trying to get a picture and looknig like a total tourist. This was the closest I could get. They also scared me, so I didn't try to get that close!