Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I just realised I didn't post a picture yesterday, so I figured I'd post extra ones today. I'm measuring lizards today so I won't have time to post, I'm just using the extra time I saved by Oliver helping me catch lizards earlier...

This is what we did for EEbEE's desk when he turned 21. You can't see it here, but everything on his bookshelf was individually wrapped!

This is my brother on the beach in Galway. It was about 3pm when I took this photo. A good lesson in visiting Ireland: go in Summer!

This is Melville. Isn't she pretty? this is from before I started helping look after her. The tank is a lot cleaner now!

Ok, I'm off to measure lizards again!


sarah said...

yay melville!

i love that lizard!

;) that's the first time i've ever said that! i mean, we all know i stood @ the ape cage @ the zoo telling that gorgeously star wars like ape that i loves him, but never to a lizard before!

sarah said...


Its 8 thirty in the morning!

and you have not posted!

you are messing with my morning routine!


Anonymous said...

dear helen

this is me, anonymous

post, dammit, post!!

Helen said...

Sarah? is that you?

Anonymous said...