Monday, September 04, 2006


Today is one of thaose days when everything is just .... bleh!

I woke up exhausted (and late) this morning and semi-rushed to wits. well I didn't rush really, I just somehow got here by 8. I was so tired that clearing the experiments took hours and setting up the new ones also took ages. Then I went and sat in the honours room weighing and numbering lizards. My supervisor is nowhere to be seen, so I can't find out if it's ok or if I should have given them another day off.

I have to start measuring them tonight so I can get them into trials tomorrow morning. I'm just so tired. To top it all off one of the guys ion the other honours room has been playing choir music at full volume all day. Someone tried to go ask him to turn it down but he was swept away by enthusiasm and made her sit and listen to a whole piece.

Part of me is really relieved that the labour-intensive-volatile-chemical stage is over, but another part of me really doesn't want to start trials tomorrow. It's labout intensive every ten days, inbetween I'm stuck at university every day and the idea of being tied to the place again is not a happy one! I love it here but lab work has a way of making me very depressed. Besides it's a beautiful day outside and I really feel like lying in the sun until I fall asleep and then going ice-skating. I really want to go skating. I think we must make a plan.

Anyway, I have to go find strong coffee and start measuring lizards. I've got about 28 weighed and numbered, which means if I get through 25 today I'll only have 8 in the morning. Realistically I think I'll manage about 10 or so.

Everyone else is off on fieldwork together and I'm all alone, so the prospect of walking down to my car in the dark is not happy. The prospect of no highly amusing tea breaks with everyone freaking out about something entirely random for a week is even worse. I think I'm depressed :(

I have no idea where I took this, I think in Ireland because when I was in England it didn't rain (What are the chances!). It looks suitably bleak.

I'm sorry, I'll try be in a better mood tomorrow!