Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pick me! Pick me!

So the awesome Po tagged me a few days ago in one of those '10-random things about me' posts. Here goes:

  1. I hate fakeness. I hate mind games. I hate people manipulating other people. I hate people messing with my friends. As a result I spent many years with only close male friends. Girls are too higher grade.
  2. I love stretching. Well no, I hate stretching, but I love the feeling afterwards when everything feels sort of relaxed and cared for. Even if Leia tends to push my feet in weird directions while I'm trying to hold on to my toes... And we stretch in the lab so my shrieks of pain are occasionally investigated by some mildly confused academics!
  3. I'm addicted to Ninja Warrior and Takeshi's castle. I think airing them together is such a good plan - ninja warrior is awesome but makes me feel inadequate, while Takeshi's castle is full of people like me doing incredibly silly things! Like Karaoke? I mean who the heck thought that one up? It's awesome!
  4. I'm easily amused.
  5. Things are changing a lot faster than I'd expected. A lot of it is a result of me changing, but I'm sad to see the end of some things.
  6. I am learning how to do some really confusing stats, but right now I think I might just understand it. This scares me.
  7. I don't feel old enough for the responsibilities that people think I'm ready to take on. I had a mud-fight and got stuck in the mud a few years ago, had a sword fight in the middle of the night while running down the street less than a year ago, and climb trees from time to time. How on earth am I mature enough to lecture, supervise students and start thinking about getting a job (it has been suggested that I apply for two different ones, and I'm terrified of both of them!).
  8. I think applying economic models to everything in the whole world is a great idea. And fun. Definitely breaks the ice at parties.
  9. Lately I've changed from conflict-avoidance to getting-it-all-out-there-ance. I'm tired of tiptoeing around things. And things change when you meet them head-on (just wear a helmet).
  10. If I don't stop this I'm going to be late for tai chi. And that would be sad.

Thanks Po!

I tag Candice, Leia and Luke for this one (if you think this might be you and you're not sure, just do it anyway!).


po said...

Coool list! Thanks for doing it. I am terrible at doing tag stuff so I certainly don't expect others to be so diligent!

I love your description of women friends being higher grade. It is so true. All of my close female friendships have been mind fucks (excuse my language but that is the only description that fits). I cannot pass the higher grade on relationships. Give me boys any day, the worst they do is fart.

Tamara said...

I too still climb trees and have mud (or food) fights when I'm not pretending to be a grown-up. It's somehitng nobody tells you when you're a kid - growing up is frikking scary!

What on earth are Ninja Warrior and Takeshi's castle?!

EEbEE said...

NINJA WARRIOR and T'sCastle are my FAV programs on TV at the moment.

You score major brownie points (from me at least) for having good taste.

(agreed they should be put together...although it would mean me sitting in front of the tv for 2 hours stright a day)