Wednesday, September 23, 2009

From another angle

One of the things we've been doing lately is stretching. Most days -
whenever we're all around and there's nothing exploding to attend to -
we gather along one of the lab benches and stretch.

The bench is just the right height for putting one foot up to touch
our toes - or try anyway - and it ends up looking like a bizarre
academic ballet. This is usually when random people decide to visit,
think that they're hallucinating and leave. When they return we'll all
be sitting working as usual and they end up a little bit confused...

When we're done with the standing stretches we spread labcoats out on
the floor and lie down to stretch other muscles. This is where the
real hilarity begins! Leia is convinced that there is a gas leak under
one of the benches because after about half a minute we start making
silly jokes and giggling uncontrollably.

This isn't helped by the fact that Luke and I (particularly me) are
not very flexible, and tend to get slightly vocal about the pain we
feel. Leia doesn't help by deciding to assist by making up flex our
feet or making sure we're 'getting the most out of the stretch.' That
child is way too bendy for her own good!

So after seeing us all doing 'ballet' whoever happens to be in the
surrounding offices or the passage outside gets treated to yelps of
pain, complaining, shrieks of laughter and really bizarre puns.

Just another day in the lab!


The Mutant said...

As I was reading this I couldn't help but picture The Simpsons "Raise your left hock, aerate! Raise your right hock, aerate!"

The only exercise anyone at my work gets is from running off at the mouth and jumping to conclusions. How deifferent the workshop environment is to a lab!

Kath Lockett said...

I love the mental images that this post provides! Maybe one day we'll see it on YouTube..??

sarah said...

helennnnn!! i am back!!! i missed youououou

haha i can just imagine you and luke wailing in pain. hee hee

i miss you guys

off to check up on your past posts x

EEbEE said...

I'll be impressed if you got Neville to join in...