Monday, September 21, 2009

peace and quiet

Two things: I got a ticket to the Killers!!!! CG got tickets for a few of us and then was worried that I might be upset. Strange girl.. I think my jumping around squealing pretty much cleared er conscience on that one! Lets just hope I get back in time - although if not I have a plan B - a friend who also really wants to go and who can go in my place so it's not wasted.

The other thing? Well I had the quietest weekend in months and it was really nice (although I'm looking forward to getting back out there and wreaking havoc next weekend)! Laura was out from Oxford for a few weeks and so I was really happy to spend some time with her - we had dinner on Friday evening and i got home at the respectable hour of about 9:30 (getting old...).

Saturday was work at the vet - I may have got the vet's kids in trouble when I played along with their game of being a dog and a cat and zipped them up into pet carriers. I had to give them biscuits and they had a great time barking and meowing... until their mother walked in... In my defence it was their idea! after that we made paper-clip necklaces and they explored the possibilities of putting paperclips in my hair - I found another one this morning that had been washed twice but hadn't untangled itself enough to fall out!

After that I went to a music/jamming session at Duncan's house - he got a drum kit quite recently and I had a great time trying it out! I wish i knew how people do those amazing drum solos though, I could never just let loose and go nuts with the drums, I needed guidelines! The others had fun making weird noises with my viola (and chasing the cats with it) as well as trying to figure out the recorder again. I tried to play the piano for the first time in years which was fun, if a bit frustrating, and admired Duncan's amazing guitar playing! I've never been able to figure out the guitar (except for guitar-hero which doesn't count).

From there I went home and crashed, waking up in time for dinner and a run before bed.

And Sunday was quiet, I practiced tai ch (I've managed to write down all the steps I need to remember so I can practise without getting too stuck. I think my family is confused that there are little pieces of paper floating around with "stab behind, gouge eye" and that sort of thing written on them), washed my car, had a great cycle and run and went off to church which was... interesting!


Janine / Being Brazen said...

Niiice...Hope The Killers are awesome.

Sounds like a nice weekend

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

I had a hectic weekend and now I need a quiet one to recover. am so broke otherwise I would definitely be going to the killers. enjoy!

SuvvyGirl said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. The killers sounds awesome, my Hubby loves them.

Candice said...

I shall see you at The Killers!!! :) Woop woop!

po said...

Killers!!!!! Where are they playing in Joburg?


EEbEE said...

I would have definitely gone for a killers concert had they not realeased the newest album, it's too pop'ish.

The older stuff is beans!

Helen said...

Being Brazen: Thanks! I really hope I get to see them!

Skinny Bitches: I'm glad you're having hectic weekends! I think they're as neccessary as the quiet ones! I'm looking forward to an exciting weekend now so lets hope it all works out!

SuvvyGirl: Not many international artists come here so it's a pretty major event! We were beginning to think they were never going to come here!

Candice: indeed!

Po: I know!!!! Killers!!!! I think at the Dome? I have yet to collect the famous ticket, but that's where most big concerts happen...

EEbEE: I like all of their stuff, it just has to grow on you a bit. And I have had many late-night discussions about their lyrics, so I'm really excited to see them live!