Saturday, August 01, 2009

Tales of a lab-monkey

So I spent yesterday in the lab, all dressed up in the world's biggest
labcoat (I LOVE it! I can wear a full trenchcoat under it and it's
still too big!) prepping samples...

I kind of got into a 'zone' where I was totally focussed on what I was
doing and towards the end I noticed that I was tired, my shoulders
ached, my back was stiff, my ankle was NOT impressed with me, my right
hand was cramping from pipetteing, my left hand was numb from the

I put my samples in to incubate and tried to guess what the time was.
I'd started at about 8:30, and done 150 tubes, most of them i'd
diluted in other tubes first...

I'd heard people chatting, so maybe it was lunch? 12? 1pm?

Guess again, I looked at my phone and almost passed out- 14:37- i'd
been pipetteing for over 6 hours!

What with the 3 hour incubation, I've left the rest of that lab test for monday!

Happy weekend!