Thursday, July 30, 2009

Optimism for cynics

For those of you that read the previous post in the two hours that it was up I apologise. I took a walk and had a think and decided that stewing in misery isn't what I should be doing.

Good things that have happened:

  1. Traffic wasn't bad this morning
  2. I went running last night and I'm not stiff today!
  3. My ankle (which is still dodgy from the bad sprain 2 years ago) was protesting rather a ot this morning and a very kind person went to her car and got out her first aid kit so I could strap it (thanks!). So there ARE decent people out there!
  4. Even if Tai Chi kind of sucked on Tuesday, I think it might be better tonight, and it does make me happy...
  5. Last night my friend walked into the lab, took one look at me and knew EXACTLY what to do (i.e. drinks and potato wedges).
  6. My supervisor has decided that my emails are worthy of attention and I've heard from him more than once in the last two days (compared to once in the last month). Good to know he's still alive!
  7. The scary bodybuilders at the gym all smiled and waved to me last night!
  8. I had an incredibly bad dream last night, but when I woke up and realised it was just a dream it made me feel better about life! So in short, it isn't so bad, at elast I'm not wearing strawberry jam as lipstick which grows of its own accord and covers my face so I look like I dipped my head in oil and lay in the sun!

Anyway, I shold ge tback to work. I'm stuck pretending to be a lab-monkey tomorrow so I'll probably be a bit quiet for the next few days.

Oh and as for the title - a while ago someone told me that I was a perfect example of a cnical optimist... The cloud has a silver lining... which will probably kill you!


EEbEE said...

i prefer to think of it as wallowing in self pity... good on you for choosing the optimistic way.

Just don't become too optimistic. it's only one small step from there to 'Crazed toothless crone what smells of cat pee'.

sarah said...

ahahahhaaaaaaaaa the silver lining will kill you

helen. pricelesss!

also, the verifiation code i just typed in on someones blog was heleb. i thought of you

SuvvyGirl said...

Not sure what your post said, but I'm glad you're looking at things that are good. It helps. I can be so easy to dwell on the bad stuff that we forget about all that awesome little stuff that makes everything worth while.

Olga said...

Is it possible to be an optimist who sees the glass half empty?:) I think I'm one...