Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yet another random encounter at the gym

It was a little known fact that George liked to plant daffodils in his free time. He also liked to play with kittens and experiment with accessories**.

I seem to have random encounters a lot! Anyway I'm still busy begging for money, but I thought I had to share this story with you guys!

There is a group of bodybuilders that go to the gym around the same time as me. I try to avoid them, as they scare me a little bit and at one stage one of them mimicked what I was doing from across the gym, which made me rather annoyed and freaked out. I worked next door to a gym for a year or so, so I knew a lot of body-builders and they were usually quite cool people, but I also learned how to tell which point they were at in the steroid-cycle quite often and you DON'T want to mess with someone that size who's in the cranky phase...

So anyway I was at the gym last night, keeping to myself, and I saw them. It's one huge (and rather ugly) guy with his entourage of three or four others who seem desperate to look like him, and his girlfriend/wifey. I went to a different area because they scare me and later on when I went back downstairs to the change rooms the main entourage guy stopped me.

I was mildly annoyed that I had to take my earphones out, and I was rather tired and hoping it wouldn't turn into an insult-slinging session. So you can imagine my reaction when he introduced himself, said they'd seen me around and all been really impressed with my progress, and to keep it up! Then he shook my hand and they left.

I was totally floored, and I'm still a little bit in shock about the whole thing! But at the same time it was pretty awesome to get a compliment so totally out of the blue like that!

**not my picture. Don't even know the guy. Don't beat me up!


Janine / Being Brazen said...

wow, nice compliment...you must be doing well

The Mutant said...

Better than the fact you got a wicked compliment, is the fact you got it from a man who looks like a sack full of walnuts. He wants your body, and if you don't return soon with tales of hot body builder action, I'm going to be very upset!

Kath Lockett said...

Well done you - maybe he wants to bench press you?

henno said...

That dude in the picture's boobs are SO not the same size.

EEbEE said...

I've never heard the "sack of walnuts" description before, nicely put...mutant.

So you were too quick to judge this guy Helen. Sometime you do find interesting and good people in the weirdest of places/forms. of course it works the other way too. I'm sure there are some rather normal looking people that turned out to be total freaks too (be careful of these).

Helen said...

Brazen: thanks! I think it's that I really don't look like someone who exercises often, so people never expected me to stick it out!

Mutant: Thanks, but I really find the whole bodybuilder thing quite gross. I enjoy the fact that I could probably outrun them though!

Kath: interesting mental image! Would have to hold myself straight or would they give me a pole to hang on to?

Henno: now that you mentin it, his entire right side is bigger! That's so bizarre!

EEbs: I have a history of attracting weirdos (remembr the guy who was convinced he could communicate telepathically with animals?). I think that's why I tend to fear the worst case scenario until I'm proven wrong!