Thursday, July 09, 2009

when the world gets too confusing, just live in the past!

It's Tai Chi night! I'm so excited! Really, I just did a little happy-dance in my chair. I never thought I'd get that excited over it, particularly when you only started doing Tai Chi in order to loosen up Pilatesised muscles...

Anyway, last night I was looking through a cupboard for an old camera box for Luke (long story and he can tell it) when I came across my old diary from when I was in high school. I used to be a total diary-geek and kept several, the first being pastel shades of purple, with scented pages and a lock that was amazingly easy to force open...

This one is slightly less awful looking, bright blue in a gellish cover that's a bit squishy and has flowers and pastic crystal thingies on it that sparkle. and I think I got it shortly before I stopped writing a diary so it's mostly empty. From the few entries in it I learned a few things about myself:

  • my handwriting used to be HORRIBLE! How the heck my teachers ever managed to understand my work baffles me!
  • I still feel like nothing much has changed, I'm the same person I was 10 years ago and so on, but reading through the old entries taught me that I definitely am not that much like my teenaged self! I think it's a good thing!
  • I was not a very nice person.
  • My spelling has improved dramatically! I used to be appaling and write things like 'sux' and 'RULEZ' and ;get with' and other things that make me cringe! I was also a big fan of writing in capital letters whenever I freaked out.
  • I really loved multicoloured pens!

Anyway to illustrate just how far I've come (and to make you all giggle at the inanity of me at 16) I will provide you all with some excerpts:

I wrote a really bad essay fo Afrikaans, but Mev R-T loved it. It was al about trusting my friends when I was scared or some crap like that. Now it's going in the school magazine** which sux. The only one that was kitscher was someone who wrote about "Die lewe is soos 'n toffie"*** which was all about her puppy called Toffy who died and that life can be sweet like a toffee, but sometimes it's just really hard to chew."

"Since the last round of concerts I'm' really loving music. It sux bcuz I know I can't have it as a career bcuz I suck. I'm playing in 5th pos now. It HURTS!"

"He's such a loser! I mean he's not much older than me and he already has GREY HAIR and he's just a total LOSER. And he uses HEAD AND SHOULDERS**** and he LEFT IT IN THE SHOWER! and I totally tripped over it like 6 times, and he STARED at me like the whole way through lunch. And people knew he was coming to stay with us so I have to figure out what to tell them. Maybe I'll just say I didn't see much of him? I mean he was so BLATANT."

"Went to movies with G tonight and ran into KD. He invited me to a party tonight but I didn't go. It was just kinda late notice and I have like nothing to wear. I woulda liked to go tho, too bad KD's in boarding school and I totally never see him."

At the same time there are some entries about the holiday I spent volunteering at a preschool for kids with disabilities and how powerful and amazing the experience was. So maybe I wasn't a total loss!

It makes me sad that I've lost a lot of the innocence of the time, but also really glad that I've grown up a little bit!


***life is like a toffee

****anti-dandruff shampoo


Janine / Being Brazen said...

I also used to keep diaries (lots of them) when i stumble upon one its always so funny to see how much ive grown up....

I guess blogging is still an online diary of sorts.

Enjoy Tai-chi

Sid said...

Wow you're just such a teenager. I'd hate to look through my old journals. I might cringe at my younger, know-it-all self.

po said...

IT is pretty interesting to get an insight into your younger self don't you think?

I never really kept diaries, every time I tried my siblings broke into them and I like my privacy. And I really didn't have much to say.

sarah said...

ahahahaaha hels!!! i cant imagine you as a teenager!! wow this diary is hysterical

post more!

i like canning early in the morning xx

The Mutant said...

Thankfully all my diaries from when I was a teenage girl were lost in the great divorce of 04.

They pretty much look the same though. That shit is always great for a laugh!

Tamara said...

Hehehe... that could have been an entry from one of my teen diaries! What makes me cringe most is how seriously I took everything at the time.