Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crawling for coffee

You know those silly cartoons with people crawling along in the desert looking for water? Well that's basically what I did this morning, looking for coffee. Last week I was annoyed to find out that Monday had been taken away because of the public holiday on Sunday (we have a rollover to Monday if it falls on a Sunday, if it's on a Saturday we just lose it), but I must admit that having yesterday off was exactly what I needed.

This weekend was AWESOME! I can't actually write about all of it because I do need to do some work today, so I will list the highlights. If you want any more detail let me know and I will elaborate on points.

Anyway this weekend I:

  • Was on time for work
  • Had insanely dodgy conversations with friends of friends
  • Went out for dinner and ordered a salad because I felt like lettuce.
  • Laughed a LOT
  • Found out that with one more trial run I've got the job as freelance photographer at Jo's studio!
  • Bonded with a makeup artist at the studio (the poor girl has had a tough few months) and learned a bunch of new makeup tricks!
  • Convinced my boss to start geocaching
  • Met a lot of guinea pigs (I blame that movie...)
  • Went out pre-goth clubbing, and was proposed to by some random guy I'd met 45 minutes before. Escaped by accompanying a friend to the bathroom and not returning.
  • Was protected by Chief Goth who refused to let anyone ask me questions without her okaying them first
  • Went goth clubbing and met a bunch of people at a Tim Burton-themed wedding reception
  • Begged a bunch of scary goth guys to let me wear their hats. Took photos.
  • Adopted a random goth boy (with very impressive guyliner) and wore his hat a lot. He proposed. Nice waistcoat.
  • Started off the dance floor when the goths were too cool to dance.
  • Was "Do you come here often?"-ed by someone on the dance floor while trying to escape from his scary friend with the beard and one of my undergrad students who happened to be there. Later on we danced and he poured a drink down my back. He also asked me "where does it end?" a lot (turns out he was asking my name. Whoops).
  • Raced a car through a drive-through (on foot). Won by a technicality (that I could stand between their bumper and the car behind).
  • Got yelled at by Chief Goth who took us home, said goodbye to the others and burst into tears.
  • sat up with Chief Goth trying to be supportive (until 4am).
  • Had coffee for breakfast while sitting on the grass. It was nice, but the coffee meant I was unable to sleep for the rest of the day. had hectic conversations with CG, I'm hoping I managed...
  • Had a braai to celebrate my mother's homecoming
  • Saw EEbEE who had come to Joburg for the weekend! He has hair now.
  • nearly died having had an hour and a half sleep the night before and staying up late talking to people in the parking lot.
  • Washed and vacuumed my car!
  • Cleaned out a cupboard (this led to interesting philosophical debates, like "why was it ever a good idea to buy black velvet pants? and "Who even SELLS black velvet pants?")
  • Spent time with my brother and his wife.
  • Cycled about 80 km (over the whole long weekend)
  • Nearly killed people for talking loudly in the gym.

So ja... that was my long weekend! Do you understand my need for coffee?


SuvvyGirl said...

coffee or a really long nap. Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend for the most part and busy...I'm glad. Now I need a long weekend. :)

Candice said...

One word: AWESOME!!!

More words: tell me more about this hat? ;)

Helen said...

Which hat? there were several...

po said...

80km! that sounds quit a lot. You must have superlegs!

The Mutant said...

Oh my god. That was one hell of a weekend. Oh, and I'm officially poaching the term 'guyliner'.

Feel free to expand on this post at any stage, it all sounds good to me.

Kath Lockett said...

YES - I'm exhausted just reading about this!

EEbEE said...

Hair will be off by next week hopefully :)

At least people will stop asking me to 'take that stupid wig off'

Shop Girl* said...

That sounds like a fabulous weekend, and if I were you I don't even know if I'd be out of bed. haha

sarah said...

wow. achievement barbie. thats what you are :p

i slept

and drank

and danced in the park with strangers

the end :p

Helen said...

Po: not really, I was pretty sore by the end!

Mutant: I'm afriad I didn't make it up :( I read it somewhere but i don't remember where... It's a good word though!

Kath: I know, it's taken a lot of chocolate and coffee to recover :)

EEbEE: it looks like a wig! It was weird seeing you with hair!

Shopgirl: I would probably have been more productive after a day or two in bed, but I do what I can!

Sarah: I want an achievement barbie! And to dance in a park with strangers...