Thursday, August 06, 2009

Things they don't warn you about

I remember seeing a very clever ad campaign in the newspaper a few years ago. It was for one of those silly "drink this tea/shake/nasty stuff and lose 500kg in a week! No Effort required!" products and the advert was in the form of a letter complaining about hidden costs. You see this lady took whatever it was, lost x amount of weight and then complained that she had to buy new clothes.
I remember a friend reading it out loud while we were in a car while someone's mom dropped us off or picked us up or whatever and we chuckled at the cleverness of the campaign, while thinking that it was a GOOD problem to have.
So I started exercising regualrly about a year ago, in an effort to make the transition to fieldwork easier as well as to try and feel better about myself. I figured that I feel so awesome (when I'm not bruised, bleeding and otherwise exhausted - so basically on rainy days!) in the field because I'm outdoors using various muscles other than the teeny-tiny one between my ears (yes, the SMILE muscle). In November I started going to the gym regularly (i.e. 5-6 times a week) and working hard, and I've loved it!
I had no idea that exercise was so much fun, that I could think through my day while doing something that pumps endorphins through my bloodstream (seriously, the post-running high is second only to the post-tai chi high) and listening to awesome music (I cycled 25 km to the gladiator soundtrack on Wednesday and it was AWESOME! In a very epic way...).
Back to my main point, besides feeling healthier and happier, WANTING to eat healthily (and feeling sick after fast food), having tons more energy and feeling more at home in my own skin than I have in years... my clothes still fit. The same as always. But for some bizarre and obscure reason that I have yet to determine, my underwear does not. Seriously, nothing stays where it's supposed to anymore, I have to wear vests to keep... things... from emerging to say "HI" and seriously, try doing Tai Chi or pilates when things... move. Use your imagination as to direction.
So this weekend, between an awesome visit from EEbEE (yay!) and spending some time with LA and the crazy semi-goth crew (yay!) and having my mom come home and doing the cooking again (you have no idea!) I need to go shopping. Maybe next time I'll need a new belt as well, I can only hope!
Oh, and as an aside: how the HECK to guys wear boxers (besides the obvious one leg in and then the other)? I have some girl-boxers I sleep in and I wore them the other day and had to make several trips to the bathroom to stop them from doing a very stylish ballooning out ala prison...


SuvvyGirl said...

lol Ever since I had Lily mine never stay where they are supposed to either. Now back in my younger, skinnier days I didnt' mind if mine showed a bit cause they were usually cute and not so much. And I have wondered about the boxer thing for years. Maybe guys have some well kept secret on how they wear them. Happy shopping!! :)

sarah said...

you almost make me want to go running

almost :p

but i will go for a bike ride now

good job hels xxxx