Monday, August 17, 2009

Keep out of reach of children

So on Saturday I got to work to find that my boss had brought his older daughter to work. She's 7, precocious, quite friendly and one heck of an artist for her age. Seriously, she drew some incredible pictures, including an entire 'bird book' with things like parrots, blue cranes, peacocks, sunbirds...

Unfortunately I had done sprint-intervals cycling on Friday evening as well as staying up late doing paperwork and so when I stumbled in and headed straight for the kettle (I don't usually have time on a Saturday to make coffee, this time I decided the sick and bleeding animals could wait) I was not very enthusiastic at the prospect of being the impromptu babysitter for the morning. There was a rabies scare recently in a nearby suburb, so people were streaming in, my least favourite client kept calling and hanging up on me when I couldn't give him updates (I'm sorry, I can't ask the vet when he's busy with a cat the got semi-eaten and an owner in hysterics) meanwhile I'm trying to do everything I usually do with a seven-year-old perching on the counter in front of everything I need. NOT a good time for rehashing every Hannah Montana and Mr Bean episode ever made (and writing scripts for new episodes)!

When its your bosses child it's also quite difficult to do the usual babysitter style thing ("No sweetie, I don't think the cat likes being dragged around by its head. No, I need to put something in that drawer, no I don't want to make up a story because I have a queue stretching out the door right now..."). Fortunately she charmed most of the clients which made my life moderately easier. She also wrote a letter to my sister-in-law (I was going to the birthday party that evening) and decorated the envelope and got very involved in the whole thing. My sister-in-law loved it, so it was very cute.

I also worked a shift at the videostore because it was Jo's brother's birthday and he didn't want to work, and it was fun the guy I worked with used to be really annoying because he was so busy showing off to the boss (who isn't even there) that it gets really irritating and I just want to give him a gold star to shut him up. This time he had decided it wasn't worth it and he's going to resign, so we had a fun afternoon where we got everything done and still managed to watch the whole of Kung Fu Hustle - the only bad part being that people would ask us what it was about. I watched the whole thing and I still can't explain it. It was funny though!

I also found brand new bad-horror cave movie! I can't wait to watch it!

And now I'm sitting with my coffee trying to get everything done so that I can track down the incredible disappearing Scientist so that I can get chemicals from her and take them to the crazy Russian and get back to med-school to finish the rest of my samples.

Fun times!


EEbEE said...

Kung fu hussel is one of my all time favs!