Saturday, August 01, 2009

Pass the pink

It's freezing! It's been raining all day (apparently it started around 3am) and I'm totally unable to get warm. I went for a run on Wednesday and pushed myself a bit hard and now my ankle is punishing me - partly for overexertion and partly for not moving to the Sahara or Mexico or something. I swear I'm going to be one of those 90-year-olds who can predict the weather based on ankle-twinges.

I've been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster lately. I guess there was some truth in what that person said when they said that my wearing pink signified that I was looking for change. Thigns ARE changing, but it's not a pleasant experience. Wednesday was one of the worst days I've had in a long time, although I was rescued by a friend who didn't quite know how to handle me and so talked about other stuff. I felt better after that.

Thursday was one of the hardest days I've ever had - mostly a result of Wednesday. I won't go into details, but there were some things that needed doing, and I did them. I spent a lot of time inwardly cursing Hollywood as well. It's all their fault! They make it look so easy and then you realise that while ripping off the bandaid (so to speak) may be the least painful method, it doesn't mean it's pain free, particularly when you're a slow healer...

And then there was Tai Chi. I know, I've had complaints that I talk about it too much. It's my blog and I will discuss the art of looking graceful (or trying to) while kicking someone (imaginary) in the shins if I want to. So THERE!

Anyway Tai Chi was my saviour. I was physically and emotionally exhausted, I had my ankle strapped to the point of non-mobility and I wanted to crawl into bed and cry rather than be sociable with the Tai Chi crowd (who are actually pretty awesome people, even if most of them are 20 years older than me and far more flexible that I ever will be). There were two beginner-beginners and me, and the advanced folks, so the other two were given some stuff to start on while the teacher (well the temporary teacher anyway) basically taught me a ton of new stuff! Bearing in mind it took me 3 1/2 weeks to learn the first form which only had 13 steps, I think I learned 11 this week of the new form! And one of them is the coolest thing EVER! It's called 'single whip' and it's SO much fun! I bounced out of there feeling so much better about life!

For the record the teacher totally thinks I'm crazy now! I think he noticed that I wasn't really myself and he was super-nice to me, while he fixed a lot of stuff I think he let more slide than usual because he knows I love learning new steps. His son (the real teacher) said he'd take over us newbies next week, which makes me quite nervous. I know the basics but there's a lot of polishing up I need to do to get it perfect.

I was on the Tai Chi high pretty much until halfway through labwork, when exhaustion set in and by the time I left (after 10 grueling hours in the lab) I was barely able to walk, and I had to go home and make dinner which woke me up somewhat.

So now I'm stuck with the dilemma- I'm freezing and I've got aches and pains. Is this punishment for the last week? Or is it the start of Swine Flu? I really wish I knew because right now I'm shivering with a blanket around me and I'd quite like to get to the gym and warm up, but obviously if I'm going to get a fever or something that's a bad idea. I tried practising tai chi but my house is too full of furniture and WAY too cold!

So for the record: "what's your problem?" is not something I want to be asked. In whatever code. It's nasty.

6 weeks to catching lizards and being able to breathe again! Just 6 weeks! 42 days and counting! I want to get away right now. Maybe I need more pink?


EEbEE said...

tell me about the cold. I had to go buy more blankets for Charlie (new doggy) today. Felt so bad watching him trying to sunbathe in a puddle...

Susan said...

No. You do not have the S flu thing - I don't even mention it's name. It has no power!

Keep the faith the Chi!

Candice said...

Hang in there! Things will get better - and warmer!

po said...

Wah it sounds like you are having a tough time! Sorry to hear it. The tai chi and other activities will help to take your mind elsewhere so stick to them!

Kath Lockett said...

Tai Chi and/or a good run will help you blow off the cobwebs and see things more clearly. And don't forget chocolate, too, 'cos it cures everything. :)

sarah said...

hels most of your blog posts still dont let me comment, but that doesnt mean i dont read them <3 and i try comment on every one, so sorry babe. i do do do love you


Helen said...

EEbEE: Poor puppy! Mine LOVE the rain and don't seem to ntice the cold - Jesse still swims at least twice a day! I got her a squeaky toy and she's been driving the neighbour crazy!

Susan: Thanks! I feel better, for what it's worth! I guess I can be a bit more flippant because I don't have kids to worry about. The ide of little Addison getting sick is awfula nd I will be thinking happy thought for all three of you until this epidemic passes!

Candice: Thanks! And thanks for the email, you rock!

Po: Thanks, I intend to be sticking with Tai Chi for a very long time! Maybe I'll start climbing?

Kath: mmmm chocolate, I might just do that! Running is off the cards at the moment because my ankle hates me :(

Sarah: Thanks for letting me know! I can't believe my blog is being so nasty to you! It's so unfair!

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

sorry to hear about the sad times. maybe a latte would help? or even better, watch Footloose with some chocolate milkshake. always makes me feel better. and you keep on talking about whatever makes you happy! cannot believe someone told you what to write on your own blog :)