Thursday, August 13, 2009

If I was green I would die

I had an epic trip to Pretoria this morning to meet a chemist person about some of the work I need to do (of course he was an hour late because he was at the dentist...) and then back to the lab to meet my sister-in-law for coffee. Fortunately she was late too!

And I was diced this morning in my neighbourhod by some idiot who had baby-on-board stickers on their car. I mean REALLY!

Anyway being Thursday means that we have to reminisce about some of the musical classics from the 90s. Of couse this wont let me embed, but it made me dance around in my chair, so check it out! Of course this lead me to reading a lovely series of comments in youtube arguing about the lyrics. Someone is totally convinced it says "I'm blue if I was green I would die" and now that I listen for it I can see their point! Of course the homophobes jump in with "I need a guy" instead. Anyone hear anything different?

Of course when I was a little teenager it was cool to go and listen to bands on weekends, my particular favourites (among others) being Tweak, Sarongas (which became Seether) and of course these guys:

The drive out to Pretoria today also brought back a lot of memories from my first job when I was 15, my boss would pick me up in the morning and we'd drive out to Pretoria for the day. One of the songs I remember lsitening to on the way in to work was this:

And because I actually still kind of love those songs, I thought I'd have to put in one that makes me cringe. A lot.


sarah said...

ahahaha an epic trip to pretoria



i went to boarding school there, so my memories are very very teenage girly hormonal ish :p

pretoria is so freaking hot in summer, man!

Tamara said...

I'm blue, I believe I will die.

That's what my brother sings.

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

I remember being in love with the song "Sexy Eyes". Of course I hadn't discovered my taste gene yet but hearing it again brings back some good times!