Thursday, August 27, 2009

at least it doesn't hurt to type!

Not much to say today. Leia has been amazing in that she helped me to stretch a lot of the aches out so I can actually walk now!

Last night I went home after spending a bit of time with Chris who was dying at work and needed to vent at someone. Poor kid! And i got to whine about the level of pain I was in which was fun as Leia didn't have to put up with it!

And of course I had promised TOD that I would go back to the gym last night to finish off, and so my mom decided to join me, as I stumbled from the house to the car and sort of managed to collapse into the seat without shutting a limb in the door. I actually couldn't walk. So of course on the way there I get a call from TOD to schedule a session for this morning. I said NO as i couldn't move and I figured it would be a waste.

So after much stretching a hot bath AND shower, cycling a bit (it helps) and much voltaren I can just about walk without flinching. And he's got me boxing gloves for tomorrow. I'm actually quite excited, I could really use an aggression outlet!

And Candice watched out stretching today and found us quite entertaining so at least we're amusing. That's a good thing, makes me feel useful...

I'm just hoping I can manage tai chi without falling over tonight! something tells me the kicks will not be happening! Well not very high anyway!

As it's Thursday, I have the way-back-when song for the week. Today I pick:


Becca Christensen said...

Whew, that sounds brutal! Maybe I don't want a personal trainer. Boxing gloves sounds like fun though.

po said...

Gosh, I think your muscles must be in a state of shock around now ;) but then as they say, no pain, no...pain?