Saturday, November 11, 2006

wandering without purpose... or is it wondering?

We came up with a new name for EEbEE's blog (because he forgot both the username AND password for his old one) as 'Wandering without purpose' To be quite honest, I'm very tempted to steal it as a book title for when Luke and I finally publish the Mole-Rat Diaries. Just so we can write about other stuff, like the weird stuff going on in the hnours room. Right now we have 3 quotes for the day written on the board (which are just a very small sample of the stuff that gets said in there):
1. "Nothing says 'I love you' better than a battery-operated sex machine!" - Luke
2. "Oh my word! I had no idea you has so many piles!" - me
3. "How exactly do I handly my crab infestation?" - Neva

I think that way too much has happened this year for it all to be relegated to dim memories to be rehashed at reunions (which will probably be pretty empty considering how we're all fantanstic and destined for amazing careers all over the world -that's not wishful thinking at all!). The only thing will be tracking down people to sign disclaimers. TAO will be expecially difficult as most of it will be in a not very favourable light towards her! Please ignore my grammar I'm tired!

The exam yesterday was horrible. I hadn't been studying very hard, mostly due to living in a painkiller-induced fog for most of Thurday. I came off the painkillers to be able to concentrate for my exam, but it was really boring and I left just before the 2-hour mark. Everyone else was just finishing their first essay and I'd written all 3. The problem is that I'm panicking about all the stuff I answered badly right now. I'm a bit of a stress-ball post-exams!

After that EEbEE, Luke and I went to Fordsburg and shared a GIGANTIC pizza. Shout out to Nicolette, out waitress for putting up with us! It's tough when one of you is a vegtetarian and another doesn't eat mushrooms. Or olives. Or avocado. or brinjal. or asparagus... (yes that's me. I prefer to save my fungus for when I have the flu).

My supervisor and a lecturer made my life a little bit difficult by teasing me about leaving the exam so early and I was back in my drug-induced fog and unable to prodice any semi-witty repartee, so I just sort of smiled (it hurt too much to smile properly) and wandered off, trying to avoid walking into walls. A bit later I found my supervisor to ask if one of the lizards was ok (I had a nasty suspicion he's been sent off the the tank in the sky, but it turns out he's ok), and I casually dropped the whole 'I had surgery 2 days ago' into the conversation. He showed the same overreaction as everyone else, looking all shocked and nervous and saying I should have had my exam deferred etc etc. As much as I like to be infallable (for lack of a better word) I'm a sucker for sympathy!

After that we went to the zoo, but it had been raining and Luke didn't sample, so we followed out keeper-friend/person/mentor/I don't know, what is she anyway? around for a bit until she started apologising, and then we went to see Cole, the cheetah and went home. I mean to wits. Hmm, Freud was right.

I had to go back inside to fetch some stuff, my supervisor was still there. I get a weird kind of satisfaction from knowing he's finally working longer hours than me! And I ran into the lecturer runing the field trip for me and he officially invited me along next year. It's so exciting! I just have to get the formal invitation email and details, but otherwise I'm sorted and ready to go! It's so cool!

I just came home from 12 hours at work (Joey needed a day off so i agreed to do a double-shift), it was fun. We watched Over the Hedge again, and Superman Returns and the third X-men. The X-men is far better than the first 2! And once again, it makes me desperate to dye my hair. Stupid wedding! I can't change the colour because the colours I want won't match my dress!

In other news my boss freaked out because of certain staff members *couhg*Chris*cough* taking out brand new stuff for days rather than just overnight, so now out free-movies are restricted to taking out at 9pm and getting them abck by opening time (10am) the next day. Jo is furious and I'm upset, but my boss was in a bad mood today and I didn't think it was wise to negotiate. Maybe tomorrow morning!

Anyway, this post is far longer than I expected it to be. I'm sorry for all the babbling! I'm going to bed now!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Does this mean you are finished all this hectic hard work now?

Wish I could watch movies during our shifts at work... but I suppose surfing the net and blogging is also pretty fun, which is what we do all the time. lol.

Luke said...


I just thought I'd write that seeing as how we are technically not finished and all...heh heh.

There really has been so much that has happened in the Hons room and I doubt we could remember most of it. But, we can always try to write a book on it anyway.