Monday, November 20, 2006

Goodbye, cruel (this part of the) world!

I'm leaving tonight to go stay at the scary German's house and then leave for the desert at around 4am tomorrow (ouch). I've been getting a bit nervous about this trip, but I'm also really excited. It's been raining here for DAYS (and my hair went all poofy, so I'm getting a lot of it cut off today) and a lot of unpleasant things have been happening.

On an amusing note, I just got some spam: "powered parachute approved combat" - they're totally getting more inventive!

Here are some unpleasant events

  • I got 2 Cs in the the space of a week. I am NOT a C student!
  • One of my customers has a daughter studying genetics and biochem at wits, recognised me from prizegiving and now settles down for a half-hour chat every time she comes to get movies. There is only so much advice I can give! Particularly if I mention something like my friend droppng out and she gets all upset and tells me to stop telling her these things. So basically I have to say that her daughter will get into honours, have a fantastic time, do brilliantly and win a nobel prize. For half an hour.
  • My friend James is acting really weird again and it freaks me out.
  • It turns out that one of my favourite customers is studying at wits, and his wife is a lecturer. It's not bad, but after all the other stuff it was a bit last-strawish.
  • It's been raining all weekend so work has been insanely hectic, but because we have to sell contracts to make money, and everyone already has them, we had to struggle to get a bonus on Saturday.
  • At 10am on Sunday, just after we opened the store, one fo our customers came in with his wine-glass, EXTREMELY drunk and loud and wouldn't go away, and kept harassing the other customers. The guy I was working with (Neil) got scared and ran off leaving me to deal with a whole long queue of customers AND the drunk guy all alone.
  • Working with Neil was even worse than Chris in that he doesn't notice what's going on, so you have to TELL himto do everything. Like there would be hundreds of covers to put away, so I'd ask him to get started. Next minute I'd have a million customers queuing up (so he should come back, put the covers down and use the other till to serve half of them), but he'd wander around, occasionally putting covers back, walking AROUND the queue...
  • Shopping. I'm out of practise and crowds freak me out right now.
  • Michael, a really annoying guy who has stalked pretty much all my female friends (except the wits ones who I refuse to introduce to him), saw me hugging James (who was in total separation anxiety mode last night because I'm going away) and decided he wanted to hug me too. But not just hug. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug, complete with head on my shoulder and .... EW! We need to give him a talking-to about personal space. Really (I'm shuddering at the recollection right now).
  • Taking my bird to the vet to get her wings clipped. It's always sad. Dusty only likes me (she's at war with humankind in general), so today she attacked the vet, flew back to me and hid behing my neck. It makes me sad to leave her behind, but the vet is always an unpleasant experience with her.
  • Having really bad dreams. I usually battle to sleep, but recently I'm afraid to sleep. I usually get bad dreams when I'm stressed, and as our results are finalised this week and I just got 2 Cs, I think it's that. Plus my supervisor said he's expecting my marks to be 'right up there' or something. I just got 2 Cs.
  • Traffic.

Anyway that's pretty much why I want to leave Joburg right now. Today I'm going for a haircut, going to visit Jo, find some sedatives so i can FINALLY sleep properly, clear out my desk, go chat to the externals and then come home and leave for Pretoria.

So I won't be bloggin in a while, I'm sorry! I hope everyone has a really fabulous month! I'll take lots of photos to show you all!


Anonymous said...

have a fabulous time in the desert! i hope it is an oasis compared to the stress you've had. Cs. i hate them. but they cannot hurt you. maybe while you're gone i'll catch up with all your blogs i've miss. fun times.

bon voyage!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip Helen! I will miss your blog!! muchly! Remember to bring back lots of photos!!

and yes - traffic does make one depressed.