Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I haven't blogged, but now I decided to because I hate looking at all the misery in my last post and I need to fill this space up to move it down! It's been quite hectic, in a not-hectic kind of way. i had an essay due on Monday but I was so fried I just couldn't. the lecturer was pretty understanding and I handed in one of the worst pieces of drivel I've ever written today... On the good side I got my glucocorticoids, stress and welfare management essay back and I did pretty well, so I'm not too stressed about my average for this course, since I wrote Friday's essay about a month ago. It just needs some fixing up, and I can think well enough to do that (the four hour exam on Friday on the other hand...)

Anyway, I've been wasting time with a shareware copy of Mario Bro's Neva gave me. it's AWESOME in a totally bad way! I'm addicted (and totally stuck on the third level!) which is bad because i generally avoid computer games like the plague because I know how quickly I get sucked in and then lose all productivity alltogether...

I've been having trouble with my sinuses lately, which may be the reason why I've had a headache for about 3 months now. So today I went to see my godmother who is one of the top facio-maxilla peple in the country (the other one is her husband) and she tried to do a little in-chair op on my face to try push it back a bit. Bad move. She drilled 3 holes into my jaw (the smell... it was like sititng in a dissection except that I was the subject! And then there was lots of swearing and blood everywhere and they said my jawbones are too thin and they stiched me up.

So now I have a headache from hell, a course of antibiotics, a swollen face and a large tub of painkillers. She said I must either learn to live with it and stay on some pretty hectic anti-histamines or else I must go for some huge bone-graft thing. I'm waiting for my parents to come home from Bermuda so we can discuss it. I guess it was a good thing in a way. I know that if she said there's no way then there is totally no way. She's the best (and she studied to music like me, so if you play a certain Beatles song - i forget which - she compulsively recites all the nerves in a certain facial region) and I'm glad I got that done now so that I'll have lost the stitches and stuff by the time the mole-rat trip starts. Plus I got a prescription for the painkillers that I ran out of (I'm not a druggie, I just get BAD headaches a lot. I also thought my tyre was going to blow up on the highway and it didn't. And I managed to drive home all drugged up and injected and I'm ok, last time I did that I nearly started a pile-up!

In other news... my supervisor said we can get my project ready for publication in january (rather than NOW which I wasn't happy with). There's also a rule that if I get an A for this degree I can skip masters and go straight to PhD and he thinks I will and said if I do that he's got a scholarship lined up for me. Which is scary. I don't feel old enough to be a PhD student! Plus it'll put an end to going overseas. He said to get a doctorate quickly and then I can go all over the world researching until I feel experienced enough to settle down somewhere. It certainly is tempting! Particularly because if I need a big PhD project I can do all the stuff I want as well as maybe squeezing some field work into it. I think I'm also being a little bit stupid and counting a lot of unhatched eggs... I don't know what my project was worth, and In read a lot of other people's honours from a few years ago (the big scary experienced Masters and PhD students) and I feel very inadequate!

Anyway I have to go to church now, I think I've been neglecting the Christians a bit too much, plus as soon as I take the bag of frozen veggies off me cheek I'm sure I'll get some sympathy!


sarah said...


good grief woman!!

i am so super freaked out right now ... medical procedures and drills and bllod oh my!


Anonymous said...

jeeez Helen

I don't know how you do it all!

a 4 hour exam? That's just nuts!!!

Good luck for it. I'm sure you'll do very well. And well done on the PhD fasttrack thing! Where will you go overseas if you get a scholarship?

ps... don't neglect the Christians. ;)

Luke said...


As I told you the other day when you casually announced that you had to leave early to go off to surgery, you are insane!

Btw, it's maxillofacial surgeon,not facial maxilla surgen. (I can't remember how to spell it so I've cunningly typed two different spellings to fool people into believing that the incorrect one was a typo!)

Anonymous said...

Why not just call it a tandarts? :)