Friday, November 03, 2006


This is my 50th post! I would be throwing coffee... I mean confetti... Yes, I'm exhausted. At 4:30 yesterday afternoon I decided that my discussion wasn't working and nothing I did to try fix it up was good enough, so I just deleted it all. I finished my new one at 11pm last night, when my mom strted phoning in mild hysterics because my parents are going overseas and needed their sleep and I shouldn't be driving late at night and so on.

So I just got in now (7am) and I'm going to go over my discussion, write an abstract (that's like a summary) and a title and then try track down my supervisor to proofread my new discussion. It's not my best work, but I just can't do anything better. This year has very much taught me that all that I was able to overachieve on last year by strength of working really hard and staying up late and getting up early just isn't enough yet. The Australian said that at this rate I won't make it to 30, but it gets easier once honours... no, masters... no, PhD... no, postdoc... it gets easier. I wanted to cry!

Wish me luck!


sarah said...

your thesis is FINISHED!


good times hels bells!