Friday, January 15, 2010

Yip, I’m 12

So there was groot drama over the weekend and it upset me. It upset me to a point where running made me angry rather than calming me down (I use running to think things through, and I kept reaching the angry conclusions). The only things that really helped were tai chi (to a point where I refused to leave after one of the lessons) and ice-skating.

I’d forgotten how much ice-skating cleared my head. At one stage I used to go quite often during the week and just skate until my problems were gone. We went on Wednesday and as it happened people either forgot or couldn’t get hold of me or changed their minds and it was just two of us, so I had a blast seeing how fast I could go and getting a random ice-hockey player to try and teach me hockey-stops.

That said, it all came to an end when I got a message at 4am to tell me that I was no longer welcome as a friend to a certain person. I got it this morning and I was so angry I sent them an epic-long angry sms and unfriended them on facebook.

Which made the making-up process kind of tricky…


Tamara said...

Sounds miz, Helen. Hope this weekend is infinitely better!

Craig said...

tai chi, fantastic. ice skating, not so much. I keep flipping up in the air and falling down hard on my butt.

But hey, it might have made people like you out on the ice laugh a little and just maybe feel a bit better too! :)

Candice said...

Huge hugs!!!!

And sorry for missing skating - it kind of got lost in the midst of near-death experiences. :( Deep sorriness.