Friday, January 08, 2010

Revenge of the ear-worm

Tired of humming along to the dancing fruit? Maybe the 80’s are the answer?*

I’m just sayin’

This is inspired by my insomnia-inspired trip to the gym yesterday where I found out there was a 6am dance class! It was hilarious, as I joined in and did the cheesy dance moves with a bunch of adorable old ladies and their daughters.  Its very hard to take life seriously with cheesy choreography that belongs in the 80’s while picturing everyone around you in legwarmers. Too bad we had to use current music rather than the more appropriate classics, but I’m sure we can work on that! Not too much of a work out body-wise, but more than worth it for the boost it gave my mood for the day!

*And don’t pretend you didn’t at least think about trying some dance moves!


Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

the 80s are totally the answer! they should start having 80s dance classes, nothing can make you lose more weight than dancing to some cheese.

sarah said...

that sounds like the one and only gym class i would adore

when i move back, lets go together

hels i am so so sorry i didnt get to see you when i was home. it was insaaaaaane and so bloody short

Tamara said...

Dude! Which gym offers a 6am dance class?! I'd love to join in. With my pink 80s legwarmers (been looking for something to do with them after my 80s party).

Happy New Year, btw.

Helen said...

Skinny bitches: I'm not sure if it really counts as a workout, but it was definitely a mood-lifter :)

Sarah: you bet! I'm sorry I missed you too :( but I'll see you soon!

Tamara: I don't think it's supposed to be 80s, but I'm sure if anything was to cement the 80's vibe, pink legwarmers would be it! It's in Rosebank though, so probably a bit far for you as driving back in 7am traffic can't be fun! email me if you want details though!