Sunday, January 24, 2010

well THAT was fun

(More) Things I've learned
  1. It can be really difficult to do the right thing.
  2. It doesn't matter how many times you practice a speech, once you're trying to give it to someone, all the preparation goes out the window.
  3. You can find comfort in the strangest people (like the best friend of the person with longer hair than me, or the Ed-Hardy-Girl piner).
  4. If you have to be horrible to someone, the worst outcome is when they try to be nice about it. Why can't they get angry and call me names or something? Don't apologise!
  5. That was the worst saturday night ever.
  6. A cup of tea doesn't solve everything, but it does help!
I need soup.


EEbEE said...

why would you have to be horrible to someone?

the only good reason i can think of is that it can (occasionally) be fun.

Tamara said...

I get you. It's much easier to say something awful (even if it's true and has to be said) if the person is nasty back. Then you feel justified. When they're nice, you (well, I, acually) justfeel crap. And cry.

Soup would be good.