Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The muscle... it hurtssss!

Nope, not the usual muscles (well they hurt too, it seems that eating milktert for dinner motivates me to overdo the who gym thing... But it was SO good!

I've started doing brain training! It's this thing on the BBS website where you do their little braintraining exercises for 10 minutes 3 times a week adn they see how you improve. I figured that it was a double-win - improving my concentration AND procrastinating!

Now if only I could play the games without a)getting a headache and b)getting quite involved and screeching at my computer screen...

Check it out here if you're interested!

On a personal note everything has been drama-filled lately and Im trying to avoid thinking about things. Fortunately I have a couple of fantastically wise friends who have assured me that it's not my fault and everyone else is just crazy.

I like that philosophy :)


EEbEE said...

i want to play the brain game but i don't want to register. please help.

if you lend my your user name and pw i promise not to ruin your progress in the game :-o

sarah said...

haha my gran eats milktert for breakfast every day. its a recent development. she would offer me a piece when i was home and i thought it was weird at first, but now i kinda miss it

and yes, everyone else is bloody wacko