Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today I am:

  • Annoyed that I hit ‘cancel’ instead of ‘snooze’ this morning and missed pilates.
  • Sore from tae bo (which is SO much fun, even if it still gets me too hyped to sleep).
  • Loving the idea of Operation Beautiful, and thinking very seriously about startng to participate.
  • Actually getting work done (hence bullet-list vs real post).
  • Excited to be unleashed onto a fresh batch of first-years tomorrow *evil cackle* if they only knew…
  • Sick of annoying undergrad O-week noise. Vuvuzelas are SO not hot right now…
  • Amused by the first-years who always dress up like crazy for the first week, then have loud conversations about how few clothes they have (wearing a school uniform Monday to Friday made it easier) and then become normal people.
  • Shocked by how many new students are walking around with their parents. Registration was last week, it’s time to let go…
  • Missing holiday traffic
  • Nervous to be doing real teaching, but excited too. I get a Real, Teacher-style desk!!!
  • Nauseous from the welding-smell coming in from the passage. what’s scary is that nobody seems to know what they’re welding or why, but we live with it.

Yip, it’s January on campus!

On the plus side, they’ve started baking donuts again, so we’ll get a donut-day this week!


Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

i hit cancel too. we're twins.
i still managed to make the bums 'n' tums class though. my legs are suffering now though.
love the idea of OB too. it's great! am totally going to repost!

po said...

Be nice to those little Freshers! Actually, wait, no torture them mwahaha!

Anonymous said...
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Cam said...

O-week = drink and vomit ;)

Helen, have add you guys to my b(l)ogroll.

Helen said...

Skinny Bitches: I did it again today... it's becoming a habit!

Po: I'm always nice *evil chuckle*

Cam: awesme, thanks! I'll add you as soon as I remember how to do it!