Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Why I have the best job ever!

I'm working a few extra shifts at the vet this month because the morning receptionist has gone away for a few weeks. It's awesome, I enjoy working there, it's pretty quiet and they let me bring my laptop, so I get a surprising amount of work done and I get paid pretty darn well considering that I basically answer the phone and sell the odd bag of dog food.
Admittedly there were two people in tears this morning and I never handle that well, but it's been totally freezing lately so nobody has been going near the vet because it involves being outside at some stage. The problem is that I think I watched Green Wing too quickly, and I'm often very tempted to do a Sue White to the difficult clients and either smoosh my face into a chocolate cake, or just yell "F%#@ OFF!" and point to the door... Life would be so much easier if I had a squirrel outfit.
Of course I do like my job and that wouldn't be the best plan... but it's fun to think about! 
Of course I as all enthusiastic to sign up to work before I realised that my being-in-the-city-induced insomnia made being up and vaguely presentable as well as driving in appalling traffic to be at work by 8:30 was probably not going to happen. The fact that it's FREEZING at the moment and I have an amazing new blanket that makes my bed super-inviting early in the morning doesn't help either.
So I staggered through after all six alarms went off this morning (I take precautions) and zoomed off to work to find that a) my boss was fiddling with something on the computers, b) I finally have my own login! It's been two years..and c) there was nobody in the form of a client to be seen.
So my boss said "aren't you cold? Why don't you go and make yourself a cup of coffee or tea?"
Which is why I love my boss. Both of them.
And I was in a ridiculously good mood all morning as a result!


po said...

Smoosh your face into a cake? Squirrel suit? What kind of a vet IS this ? :)

Have you ever watched Black Books? It is also crazy quirky British humour, I found it really funny.

Helen said...

Po: Unfortunately it's not that kind of vet at all, hence the frustration... I have watched Black Books! I think the first episode is one of the classics, with that gadget from ehr shop, where she can't figure out what it is and sells it anyway!

Green Wing actually features one of the Black Books actors and it's quite similar in terms of humour, just slightly more out there and a lot more adult...

SuvvyGirl said...

A squirrel suit would be cute. :P Well I'm glad for your good mood. It's rainy here today, but it's a warmer rain so I like it :) And...that's my Nebraksa weather update.

sarah said...

did you ever read james herriot??

i was addicted to him in my geeky past. when i was like 10 or 11 i believed i would be that kind of vet. now my only hope is to marry one. so keep your eyes peeled for me at work, please hels!

a SQUIRRELsuit!!!!! did you know my nickname is squirrel? i dont know why