Thursday, June 25, 2009

Falling slowly

I was supposed to go and visit Jo at her new job today- she's working
at a photography studio quite close to the vet.

I spoke to her on the phone to confirm, and to mention that I'd
forgotten my camera- very annoying as I got a new lens a little while
ago and I've been having some trouble with it- it shows a lovely
picture on my camera screen, but when I put the photos on my computer
they come out very very dark.

The plan was to try it on her camera and see if it was any better.
When I explained that being at work at 8am was not conducive to me
remembering ANYTHING she said "Don't worry, you can use mine!"

She phoned me a few minutes later to ask if I had my laptop. When I
said yes she said I should get some of my better photos together.

I explained that that might be a problem as in all of the several
thousand pictures I've taken, there might be two that have people as
the subject, and maybe another ten where I've used people to help
provide a focus in a landscape shot.

After many phone calls she asked if I could come any earlier- and as I
was having a haircut I could skip the blowdry and she'd do my hair.

Finally she explained the situation- their freelance photographer
basically drop-kicked the studio camera on a shoot on sunday, and
they're desperate for someone to do the odd shoot on weekends. And
she'd told her boss that I was coming and I was a great photographer
and he'd rescheduled his day in order to meet me!

After a mild freak-out on my part I met the guy, who was really nice
and basically offered me a job if (and he stressed this point a LOT)
IF I can actually shoot.

So I spent my afternoon observing Joey in action- she's really good at
her job, despite my reservations at her technical prowess- and doing a
trial shoot. They made me shoot her so that I wouldn't try and pass
her work off as my own (as if!) which was awesome as she is SUCH a

It was so much fun! I'll elaborate tomorrow, right now I'm exhausted
and going to get some very much needed sleep!