Monday, June 15, 2009

Why do I even bother

I had a partly horrible and partly awesome weekend. I was in a good mood this morning. I even did laundry.

I was going to recount the adventures of the weekend, but right now I'm in the middle of a crisis.

You think that organising something two weeks before you actually need it would mean that it would be ok? Turns out not, the company that I've been negotiating with for the last 10 days, decided to forget my order until today when they phones to say that they haven't even processed my order yet because none of the reps talk to each other. And the stuff that I need by today, is going to take another 3 working days to organise IF I can get them to cooperate and put the order through. Bearing in mind that tomorrow is a public holiday and I have to courier my stuff across the entire country by Thursday.



sarah said...

For Petes sake!!! I hate it when that happens! Grrrr. You'd think people would care about business enough not to screw with their customers!!