Monday, June 15, 2009

Better than FTV

" I'm not a puppet!"

Anyone able to figure out what the heck that outfit is supposed to be?

The one on the left is thinking happy thoughts in the hope that it'll all be over soon...

So there was a pet fashion show in Moscow! I don't think they painted their cats, but they dressed them up in insane outfits! There must be some really calm pets out there to put up with this!

(pictures from here and here)
I don't know, I guess as long as there are crazy pet-lovers there will be pet-couture. I remember working at the pet-shop when someone threw a tantrum because the (designer branded) dog jackets didn't match her Yorkie's accessories.
At the same time, I spent yesterday trying to stop my dogs from tracking mud all over the floor, while one of them snuck off with all their toys and buried them. I think that would be a lot more fun. At the same time, the people who dress their cats and dogs up really do care about them (a bit excessively at times) and I guess I should be happy that they look after their pets.
Except those silly people who buy tracksuits for their dogs so they can go running in matching outfits, and then the dog gets heat-exhaustion.
I just don't know.


po said...

Um. Um. Um. No comment. I think the owners are just little girls who didn't want to stop playing Barbie?

Oops that was a comment.

Kath Lockett said...

Lordy. Fail. Words. Me

Like you, I'm a dog lover but to put my lovely Milly in a ridiculous outfit would be cruel. Even when we put on a tiny Santa hat on her at Christmas, in the three seconds before she shakes it off her ears flatten and she gives us a sad look that says, "You bastards are laughing AT me, not with me."

Luke said...

Wow...that poor cat did NOT look impressed at all...

My parents bought our dog a jacket when she lived in Italy. It was SO funny! And she got all self-consious when I giggled at her in her little jacket with snowflakes on the sides! :D

Candice said...

Oh my goodness! That is AWFUL!! Especially the sphinx cat - it looks so unimpressed!

Speaking of cat painting though... Check out:



EEbEE said...

Our Jack russell has a ferrari jacket. It's cool. she even prances when she wears it. As for the boys they just roll in the mud with their designer wear after peeing on eachother...