Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life After Facebook

So I've been considering deleting my facebook account for a while now. It was fun for a bit, but right now its just annoying. For one thing it's blocked at university until 5pm, by which point I'm either busy working on something, or trying to get to work so that my day wasn't wasted. I also have absolutely no interest in half the stupid applications which I get invited to on a daily basis. I usually add them just to stop the notifications. And with the grand unveiling of the "new Facebook" I found myself losing interest completely.

So anyway my birthday in in a couple of days and usually I would set up an event on facebook and we'd go from there. This often lead to me invite people I never would have thought to invite if I hadn't seen their names on the list, and that usually led to very entertaining evenings with people I don't see often enough!

But this year I couldn't bring myself to log on, so instead I sent an email out to a bunch of people and sent sms messages to some others and the response has been underwhelming... I guess I left it a bit late, but it seems like people check facebook more often than their email!


SuvvyGirl said...

I'm still learning how to navigate Facebook. It's nice to keep up with people but all the applications get a bit annoying. Happy Birthday!!!

Candice said...

I feel super-special now, since I got an sms and an email!

And now I'm sitting at home and writing my essay instead of taking action shots of people ice-skating... Next time, I promise! By then, the ankle may have healed.

I hope Luke doesn't semi-concuss himself again...

sarah said...

i never check half my facebook stuff... so i never go to half the things i am invited to

sms me people!!! :p