Monday, April 20, 2009

The cutest thing EVER!

So I started watching this movie last night and it's the cutest thing EVER! I haven't finished it yet because my ribs are a bit bruised from falling and laughing really hurts, so I'm waiting until I feel better to finish it. I might finish it sooner though because apparently I look like hell today and a few people have hugged me and told me to go home and stuff and it makes me feel crap to think that I'm not hiding the headache as well as I'd thought.

So anyway, if you're looking for an adorable but very funny movie, I would totally recommend it! It makes me want to run off and film stuff!


sarah said...

i remember watching the trailer for this aaaages ago and thinking - i want to watch thisss!

but alas alack, it never came out here. i think i watch more trailers than movies come out here. how sad

but i shalt download it!!

sarah said...

ps how are you?!? i remember getting whiplash once when i fell off my horse. i also splintered the edge of my coccyx which means that i remember that time in a haze of pain meds.

be strong hels. be strong