Thursday, April 09, 2009

Just quickly

So Bullet for my Valentine and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus pulled out of Cokefest. I'm a bit annoyed, particularly because apparently Red Jumpsuit Apparatus pulled out because they've got 'recording commitments' or something. I'm pretty sure recording studios need to be booked and so you'd know long before the people in South Africa had advertised (they released the lineup ridiculously late). Plane tickets and accommodation and everything are booked. Two years ago Guns and Roses did the same thing. Apparently Bullet for my Valentine were scared to perform without a manager holding their little bitty hands.

It really bothers me, not so much because I'm a major fan - to tell the truth I was planing on going to keep a friend company, but I was hoping that it would make the crowd a bit older - the joy of Snow Patrol being one of the main features is that the place will be packed with 15-year olds.

In the meantime as it's a public holiday tomorrow we've decided to have Donut Thursday instead of Donut Friday and then I have to run off and lecture the first-years and then tutor third-years.


EEbEE said...

I haven't seen/heard a single ad for cokefest in PMB. they really have stuffed up the organising this year.

Oh well, I'm not disappointed i'm missing it. Not much of a snow pat fan. and most of the other bands apart from Oasis are weenies.

Also I have a feeling Oasis is only going to play their new stuff which isn't as good...

let us know how it goes in any case.

SuvvyGirl said...

Red jumpsuit apparatus will be performing here at our college in town sometime in the near future. I heard it on the radio today. Now i'm forced to go listen to some of their music because until today I had honestly never heard of them. :P And I will try to post more often. :)

sarah said...

woe woe woe


please eat the head off a chocolate bunny for me