Wednesday, April 29, 2009

feel a little strange but it's all right

So last night I went to gym again, and although I was very careful as I'm still slightly sick, it felt fantastic! I missed the routine and the sore muscles and all that stuff... I've also stopped the cough-syrup after I googled the active ingredients and found out that I was on a lovely mixture of antihistamines and uppers (i had been wondering why the pharmacist wanted to know if I had an addictive personality...).
And I woke up this morning feeling stiff and sore and significantly less sorry-for myself than I've been for the last few days. which is fantastic! I've also been gigging nonstop all day as Luke's supervisor - just across the passage has had his office invaded by a cricket which is SO loud that all of his meetings have involved people yelling to be heard over the single, tiny, bellowing cricket! It particularly funny when the Russian maintenance guy was trying to explain something in his rather strong accent with the cricket almost out-competing him for volume!
And Jenny sent the coolest plant home for my birthday! It's called a kudu lily, and I hope it's tougher than the last few pot-plants I've ha, because it's so cool! According to my intensive research over the last five minutes, the scientific name is Pachypodium Saundersii and it grows on rocky outcrops, flowering in Autumn.
I will try and take a photo later to post on here. In the meantime Luke will be caring for it while I am in the field, and I hope it will be happy and healthy for many years to come.


SuvvyGirl said...

Good luck with the Lily!! So far I've done an impecable job of killing the house plants my mom left for me. I've killed her African Violet and a poinsettia and really trying on this other one. The only thing I have good luck with is Airplane Plants. They can go a couple of weeks without me watering them and they'll still be fine. :P And Happy Birthday to you whenever it is!!

Helen said...

Thanks, it was about 2 weeks ago (the 16th)! i have a bad history with plants, but I'm hoping it'll go better this time because I really WANT it to...

sarah said...



whats his name again?

i remember how smart he is... and how he came to me to ask if i had seen the invading BA girl... ahahahaaaa bite me