Thursday, January 08, 2009

Things I forgot to mention

  1. Yesterday was totally the day of awful unintentional puns. The example that springs to mind: a guy has a pet schnauzer that is going deaf. Apparently it's a good candidate for some weird experimental treatment with training the dog to respond to a collar that vibrates when you say certain words or something. I didn't follow the explanation too well, but he and the vet were sitting discussing the hearing test results for about an hour. As he left he told me to tell the vet something about how a lot of schnauzers are going deaf, but Dalmatians go deaf really often. I replied with "I've heard that!" Once what I'd said sunk in I apologised for the pun and he waved and left. He got into is car, started the engine, turned off the car, came back inside and said "I just got it! That was a terrible pun!"
  2. I've always been fascinated by medication that can be given to dogs and humans. For example if my dogs' allergies get bad, I know I can just give them one of my antihistamines. Yesterday while I was alone at the vet, I went to make coffee and discovered that one of the dogs in the hospital was throwing up. A lot. so I panicked and phoned the vet who rushed over and tried to help the dog an it was all very exciting! Once that was sorted he called another vet for advice on how to treat the dog and the vet recommended the same medication as I take for seasickness! Awesome no?
  3. I want to go to Malawi! One of the guys who works here is from Malawi and he was telling me about it yesterday and it sounds so incredible!

That is all!


sarah said...

i`ve been to malawi!!

unfortunately i was about 8 and can only remember eating smelly pap