Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good Company

So while I was working the other day (with Lara) we had to watch all the DVDs that had been brought in with reports of damage. So we ended up watching Mamma Mia. The main point of that was that the alternative were 3 copies of the new Mummy movie, or 2 copies of Don't mess with the Zohan. We also took it as a bonus that we could annoy the poor guy who had to work with us as we sang along to songs that we didn't really know while making up works that kind of fitted.

And by then end of the movie we were giggling helplessly and thoroughly enjoying it. Then I took it home to watch the beginning (we'd only started it halfway through because the damaged section was reported as later on in the movie) and I hated it.

Then I started to think of other movies that I loved when i saw them with other people but would never watch when I was alone:

  • Kung Pow: watching Matt giggling helplessly made me laugh, and it became a Saturday afternoon standard. I think I've seen it at least 50 times and La and I laugh like crazy every time.
  • Step up/Stick it/Save the Last Dance/insert any other dance movie title here: Although we usually watched these to annoy Chris, there's something all warm and fuzzy about watching dancing-movies that have a happy ending. unfortunately watching them alone is kind of like eating ice-cream or drinking alone, you feel guilty and don't enjoy it.
  • Snow Dogs: I saw it back in high-school and loved it, only to find that none of my other friends enjoyed it. I think I was just in the right mood.
  • Centre Stage: This deserves a separate entry to the other movies because I have seen it many times with many different people, and enjoyed the experience of watching it with them without actually enjoying the movie at all. I watched it with Lara (and Chris, poor Chris) the other day and we were almost crying we laughed so hard, between the eyebrows and the socks... No, I can't explain it!
  • Joe's apartment: you know the kind of movie that's so bad it's actually boring,but when you watch it with the right people... josh and Niel were watching it the other day and I found myself enjoying it rather more than I'd admit.
  • The Notebook/insert other romantic dramas here: I mainly enjoy these when I watch them with people who don't mind me yelling sarcastic comments at the screen. Even better if they join in!
  • Bad horror movies: who am I kidding, I love them! But among the better memories have to be jumping on some random tough guy during the ring and then running away, yelling "He's going to die next!' at random characters during... pretty much anything, watching Fragile in the farmhouse with the American (a weird bonding experience) and the Descent at Sedgefield with Luke and Duncan, and the Cave (also at the farmhouse) where I couldn't differentiate between the characters ("Not Kyle!" "That isn't Kyle!" "It so is!" "No, Kyle is already dead!" "no way! not Kyle?"), or even that horrible werewolf movie where we spent half the time looking for the zip on the costume...

That's all I can think of right now, so does anyone else have an movie experiences that are totally memorable because of the experience of seeing the movie with someone else rather than the actual film (which could be complete rubbish, or really good, it doesn't matter!)


sarah said...

yeah! - National Treasure, Dodgeball (which is hysterical on its own, but seeing it with a bunch of rowdy ex St Bennies boys made it even better!), all those old movies that i remember watching with my gran when i was young (Little Women, Dr Doolittle, Gigi, Swiss Family Robinson... I HATE REMAKES)

Candice said...

Ooh! I know what you mean! I don't remember much of "The Happening", but I do recall freaking out and hiding behind Luke and Duncan alternately!

And seeing "Treasure Planet" with my friend Claire, purely for 1 song, which played in the middle of the movie. We considered leaving after that...