Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Faith in humanity temporarily restored

So I went to gym last night and overdid it. And now I am sore. I also went shopping this morning and now I am annoyed. I suck at being a girl - I really dislike shopping!

So anyway I have spent the last few days trying very hard to get in touch with a Russian physicist whose work I have been using to try and do my work. It's pretty nasty and super-complicated, and I got very very stuck. Finally, after I pestered all of his collaborators from the last few years for his cntact details, I got an email from him yesterday. I sent him an email explaining that I was confused and begging for help.

This morning I got a reply. He basically went on for a page about how interesting my work is and how lizards are totally neglected which is awful because they are really cool (his words, not mine!) and then proceeded to explain everything really clearly along with an offer for more help!

I am ashamed to say my first response was not blinding relief but rather 'awww!' because his English is not fantastic and physics explained in broken english is actually quite adorable! After that I had a moment of blinding relief, and now I'm off to play around with my data. Lets hope it works!


SuvvyGirl said...

Well I'm glad you got a good response back from him!! Where did the cute froggies go? I miss the froggies!!

And you're not the only girl who hates shopping. The only time I really enjoy it is when I'm shopping for Lily and the stores are completely devoid of other people. A friend of mine and I go at like midnight after we go to the bar :P

Kath Lockett said...

More importantly, is the physicist cute?

Oh and I hate shopping too. HATE IT.

Helen said...

We don't have shops open late, most stores close at around 5pm and some grocery stores stay open until maybe 7 or 8, so if we have to go shopping it is during the days with crowds and crowds of people.

the physicist is cute, in an adorable old man kind of way, but he's been publishing articles since before I was born, so I'm not going to take that thought any further!

Candice said...

Hurray! for the reply from the Russian! There's nothing like a Russian to restore your faith in humanity... :)