Tuesday, January 13, 2009

no pain no... sympathy?

So somehow, during 6 days of not going to gym because I was on antibiotics and feeling miserable, I declined to a point where I am less fit now than I was when I started going back to gym about 2 months ago. How on earth did that happen? I figure I am just 'blessed' with some kind of negative metabolism or something. It's really frustrating because I was really starting to enjoy gym and I could feel myself getting fitter and stuff before I was forced into taking a break. so I might as well keep going, no rain or sleet or... whatever!

So I went to gym last night, so this morning I woke up feeling a little bit sore... but i had decided last night (in a fit of serious thinking while trying to block out the Hallmark movie that my mom decided to watch) that I would go to the 8am class at the gym today. Last time I went to a class I couldn't walk for about a week, but I figured that I've been exercising regularly for a while so it might be ok.

So I got changed into my pyjama pants (I have black pyjama pants that make awesome gym clothes because they're comfy and loose-fitting and stuff) and t-shirt and shuffled off to the gm. The class was fun, it was basically using little weights and doing all kinds of weird things that hurt a bit at the time (and a lot more now), but at some stage about 10 minutes into the class one of my contact lenses decided to move around to the back of my eye. I couldn't find it to move it back, so I figured that I might as well carry on with no depth perception as the only alternative would be to drive home with only one useful eye, or phone my mother to come and fetch me, which wold have been simple considering that I realized I'd left my phone at home.

So I carried on, and it was mostly ok, except at one point when apparently my posture was wrong, but I couldn't see the instructor's hand signals to me, so she stopped the class, paused the awful ABBA-danceified soundtrack (honey honey!) and came over and corrected me. At this point I must point out that while we were all relatively young, we were all gross and panting and tired by then, the instructor was around 65 and hadn't broken a sweat yet. her hair (in a lovely coiffed drag-forward fake-blonde bob) was perfect and I got the feeling she could tow a cement truck with a rope round her forehead.

After the class (why do people clap at the end of a class?) I went and grabbed my stuff from the changeroom while avoiding making eye-contact with any of the people from the class who were now parading around naked. One of them said something to me and I explained that I live right down the road so it's easier for me to go home and shower there, particularly because I had to go and pick up my laptop anyway because I don't feel comfortable leaving it in my car or in a locker with a 20mm padlock... I also managed to sort out the evil contact lens and stop tripping over things

So I got home to find that for some reason we had no water! I managed to kind of get my hair wet with the trickle coming from the shower-head before it died completely. So I was stuck with a dilemma: do I stay home for the day (not an option considering that there was no water and therefore no functional toilets or taps- so besides not being able to go to the bathroom, coffee would be limited), or go and shower at the gym, bearing in mind that the naked people prancing around are the ones who just said goodbye to me!

So I did what any sensible person would do: I made coffee and toast and then went for a swim. Once I was certain that anyone who would recognise me would be gone from the gym I went back and showered on my way in to university. And on the way I poured coffee down my shirt. And then it started raining and I realized I'd forgotten a jacket. I also realized that I'd RSVPed yes to something last night and then forgotten to go.

Fortunately Luke was in his lab and he gave me a jacket and lots of sympathy and now I feel a lot better! Except that I can't lift my arms...


Candice said...

So, I'm guessing things didn't get monumentally better after I left? *hugs* and *sympathy*

I want to hear the dancified ABBA music! Is it irrational to join a gym just for this purpose?

Helen said...

I think joining a gym is always a good idea... gotta love the endorphins!