Friday, January 09, 2009

A quick note

So while I was at the vet yesterday I had a weird quasi-out-of-body experience. You know when you're talking and suddenly you hear yourself but as if you were another person listening? I was tling to someone about her cats. I can't repeat the conversation, but here are the notes I took to give to the vet:

Snookums* is fighting with Sweetie-pie.
Sweetie-pie pulled stitches out, but cleaning with saline, ok?
Snookums is scared of Sweetie-pie
neither is eating

*Names have been changed, not because I fear for the cats' privacy (with an owner like tht they have none anyway), but rather because their real names are worse than the ones I made up. True!


SuvvyGirl said...

It sounds like Snookums and Sweetie Pie need seperate homes. :P One of them could go to Lucy on my blogroll in australia, her kitty George disappeared about a month ago...I think I get way too wrapped up in the pets of fellow bloggers. LOL

Candice said...

He he... I derive enormous satisfaction from giggling at the names other people give their pets!
Case in point: Tamdeboo. Huh?