Monday, January 05, 2009

exciting stuff!

I totally just finished my data-entry! It’s so exciting! And the vet just received an order of rather scary stuff, like morphine and anaesthetic and they totally let me sign for it!

And I took my camera to show to Joey this morning and we had all kinds of fun rushing around the video-store posing and generally looking like morons. On a more serious note, now that we both have fancy cameras and I’m comfortable working with animals, we’re thinking of starting a business photographing people’s pets. I got the idea yesterday after I saw the cutest puppy ever! It’s basically a complete mongrel, who was abandoned at the vet with a broken leg. After the owners didn’t come and collect her she was adopted by a really nice lady and she’s SO cute! I’ve never seen all the staff at the vet melt at the sight of a puppy before! And the coolest part: the dodgy mongrel from the prison arrived for her check-up in a Porsche! Ideas for starting said business?

In other news, Lara and crew totally played guitar-hero without me last night, I’m so offended… and I’m getting more blue streaks put in on Friday! So exciting!


sarah said...

you should! you should start a business!

this is how big businesses start, according to oprah!

do it!

Candice said...

I agree with Sarah!

And I'm so glad that they puppy found a home!