Sunday, October 29, 2006

stupid blogger!

I made a whole post the other day and blogger ate it! SO not what I need right now!

Briefly: I have 5 days to finish my write-up. Progress-wise I'm behind (VERY behind), I have my results and methods almost done, all that's missing is a paragraph in my methods. I got my intro back with comments on Friday, there's a lot to do on it, but it's workable. and I haven't even thought about my discussion. I was supposed to finish my results this morning and have a rough version of my discussion done by now, but my results took a LONG time. I fixed up 8 graphs this morning until I realised that I would end up with 32 graphs and I didn't care enough to do that. So I went back to tables. Right now I have 15 tables and 6 graphs, which is a bit ridiculous, but when you have 120 dependent variables (2 sets of 60) it's a bit impossible to cut it down any more.

On Thursday I realised that my results were meaningless and sat up until 10pm at university redoing my stats. The I got home and worked a few more hours and then the next morning I finished redoing them and went to my supervisor to find out that they're actually irrelevant and should be relegated to appendices. We also had a little bit of an argument about my attitude on the importance of publishing (basically I don't care, I'm trying to get my write-up done and then I'll think about it, while he wants it ready for publication just about immediately).

I also went to the Live concert on Friday, after a lot of stressing about the amount of time I have and that I didn't have time and it was all horrible until Laura kicked me out of the honours room and I went anyway. It was a lot of fun, I needed a chance to scream a bit and go slightly crazy! There were even the occasional 10 minutes when I didn't think about my write-up, which was awesome!

On Saturday I was so stressed I felt really sick, and ended up going for a 3 hour lunch break with Luke and EEbEE and we ended up buying tea and having another argument about the pronounciation of Schnitzel and getting funny looks from people.

And then today I worked.


sarah said...

ooooh the live concert!

you see smirk pants!

Laura said...

so then why r u blogging luv?

just joking, i fully understand the therapeutic effects that blogging can have on 1!

live was awesome hey? just taking an hour to get out of parking lot was quite hectic- j and i worked out that we had spent over 3 hours in the car that day- absolute madness

anyway, good luck with all the work and dont forget to
BREATHE especially in ur punctuation on blogs :-)

Luke said...

I have nothing to say but feel I must comment...Ta-dah!

Helen said...

I don't breathe. I blog like I speak, quickly. It saves on punctuation...

Anonymous said...

Blogging is like smoking. It's just plain addictive. And it makes you feel better too.

I must say I think all your hard work is most admirable Helen.. wish I could work as hard as you do. Keep it up muffin woman. :) it'll all be over soon!