Tuesday, October 03, 2006

shitting bricks is a good term...

I did my presentation yeserday and I think it went ok. To tell the truth I really don't care anymore. The fact that I was the last person on the day meant that most people went home so I ended up talking to all of 10 people. The feedback in question time was scary, it looks like I have a lot more explaining to do because my study was pretty bad.

I have no idea how the actual presentation went. I remember standing up and seeing the first slide and then 12 minutes later I was on the last slide, butI have no memory of wht happened inbetween. My supervisor hasn't contacted me to see how it went, so I'm not gonig to let him know. If he wants to know he knows where to find me.

On the crappy side (besides the fact that I have so much work to do in so little time), it turns out that the animal ethics committee is on my case because I haven't put the sick guys on the roof. I'm sorry, they told me on thursday, on Friday I started prepping a box for them, on Friday night my flashdrive crashed and I had to spend my weekend redoing my presentation (well the graphs anyway, which took ages) and yesterday I was in presentations, running out inbetween to feed them. So if they want to give me crap about it they can shove it!

The lecturer who's been bugging me about it is really starting to piss me off. He didn't even bother asking what's been happening. I'm working as fast as I can! And today is cold and damp and probably will be rainy soon and he wants me to take sick animals from their warm dry tanks and put them out in the open?

I really hate wits right now. To tell the truth I really hate the idea of doing anything else here. Whenever I think of masters I just want to run in the opposite direction.

I'm starting to think of looking for a job for next year, and if I get in and get the scholarship I'll go overseas. I hate this place so much at the moment.


sarah said...

oh helly!

firstly : i bet your presentation was awesome because you're super smart

secondly : i know exactly how you feel about wits! i mean, i'm here every day with you, i get whatcha saying. but, i think it'll just be better to get masters over and done with. and, yes, of course still apply for your scholarship! but start here and then when you find out about overseas, you can just freeze your registration! then you can cover your butt either way! but, consider doing masters by course work... the whole 2 years thing of research SCARES me!!!

Helen said...

2 years of research with the twits at animal ethics/animal unit and my supervisor scares me! To tell the truth I'm not one of those people who just knows where they'll be happy. I really don't know if research is for me or not. I refuse to take this year as an indication, for the simple reason that IT SUCKED!

Anonymous said...

That is a difficult place. I don't think many people really know where they fit. They just try and either they like it or they don't.

I'm in a similar boat (as far as figuring where I fit). I finished my degree in 4 years and I've taken a couple of years to consider what I want to go back and study. I graduated in 2003 and I've changed a lot since then. I know this doesn't help but, try not to figure it all out today.

Helen said...

Thanks Travis, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's really confused! It's just so nice to have a game plan and go straight for the end-result.

Maybe I'll go overseas for a year anyway. What's teaching like?