Friday, October 20, 2006

number 40!

I just realised that this is post number 40! I never thought I'd keep this up so long.

I've been readnig articles all day. I have about 70 more until I can start the real writing (intro and discussion). to tel the truth I could probably start the discussion alrady, but I don't want to do anythign until I get my M&M and Results back from my supervisor.

Anyway there was the most amazing article. Apparently our pigment for seeing blue light actually can absorb down to the UV range, but our cornea and lens don't allow UV light through. So if you have cataract surgery or something you shold be able to see UV! They should totally make a UV-transparent artificial cornea and give it to cataract patients. It would be so amazing!

The really frustrating thing about working with colour is that you can analyse UV colours, and work with them and manipulate them, but you can't SEE them. Like for us, red +blue = purple. so what does Orange +UV look like? We can't even imagine because it's a colour that doesn't exist for us. so two totally different colours both look orange for us.

Anyway, back to work.
I'm fetching my camera tomorrow!!!


sarah said...

how exactly do you readnig an article?


Helen said...

It's like reading, but a lot faster because I'm really tired and I just scroll really fast, and if something catches my eye I stop and write it down. That's how I've gone through 120 articles since yesterday...
Thanks for tagging me... as if I didn't have enough pressure...

Luke said...

HA HA HA! You've been tagged!

I want to have my Cornea removed so I can see in UV...:(