Tuesday, October 31, 2006

two quick thoughts

I was at wits last night until about 10:30, and I had two thoughts as I was driving home at 50km/hr ebcause I was so tired I thought I'd crash otherwise.

1) I can do this. Which is weird because I'm really struggling, but I felt ok, and now I can almost breathe gain.

2) I really want to do masters next year. In fact, I want to do so much stuff that maybe going straight to PhD would be a good idea.

That's all.
And my paragraphs aren't too short! Are they?


Helen said...

What was I thinking? I can't do this? I ahve to come up with a discussion in less than an hour and a half!

and Luke is rox for proofreading my methods and results! Thanks!

Luke said...

Glad to help! My dad really liked those photo's of lizards that I drew on for you...

You can do it! (to be said in a mexican accent. I don't really know why but it seems appropriate...)

Helen said...

I just gave my draft to my supervisors. wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

yes. you can do this.

you need a vacation.

sometimes short paragraphs are good.

relax a little.