Sunday, October 01, 2006


It's my presentation tomorrow and I'm feeling strangely ok about it. It looks good, tons of graphs and pictures and very few words, which leaves me free to waffle. I also times myself today and it looks like I might be able to actually fill up the 15 minute slot, rather than using half of it and then sitting through an eternity of question time!

James and I are ok again, I'm not sure what happened, but it's all good. I'm glad, I missed him!

I sent off an sms to see what my ideal job would be. It's when they send you those arb 'ever wonder what you should be doing with your life?' messages and you reply out of morbid curiosity. It said:

'You like telling people what to do and you do it so well! A career as a movie director would suit you down the the ground. Lights, camera, action!'

I find it amusing. Like when you ask what your past life would be, and they always tell the guys that they were Cleopatra or something, and I was always a guy. Last time I was a sheriff or a cowboy or something. Today apparently I was a musketeer who won a great duel when my opponent's sword got stuck in my moustache. the weird thing is they ask for your name when you sent the message. Helen is a very masculine name apparently. I bet Helen of Troy shaved. Or bleached. I bet Paris got a nasty surprise!

I had the weirdest dream last night. I was driving from my house to wits, and the Australian and my supervisor were sitting int he back of my car. As we drove I spotted the Erythrina tree I drive past every morning and found myself explaining the various common names and the basic ecology of it. and for some reason the Australian knew it all already and thought I was rather silly for telling him. So I identified some fever-trees and I don't remember if he was impressed or not, but somehow the road to wits was also the road to Sodwana bay (I think I made the connection because I first learned about Erythrina on the way to Sodwana, along the route therre are hundreds of fever trees as well as Erythrina).

I'm not sure if it means something, although I am mildly disturbed that I identified trees correctly in a dream!

Anyway, I'm going to go to bed now. I didn't feed any lizards today, so I've got a super-early start in the morning!

I will continue posting photos again as soon as I get around to uploading all the ones I've been taking recently!


sarah said...

good luck with your presentation ducky!!

sarah said...

i am the only one in the dp room!

in the beginning i was like yayay i can dance around naked and yodel if i want to ... but now its just lonely...

hope everyone's presentations are going ok!

i'm going to the theatre now to buy a chocolate pastry.

Anonymous said...

i wasn't anybody really famous in my past life. although they did say i was a woman from modern s. africa...mmm.....about 1200 ad. singer, actor, dancer, something like that. people generally liked me but didn't love me as i was a ruthless bugger.