Sunday, October 22, 2006


Blogger FINALLY let me post pictures! This is the desert trip (as I said, courtesy of google earth). We start in Johannesburg (well, more Pretoria, but anyway) on the East and then work our way clockwise until we get home again. the first trip down to Darling is a 12 hour drive (to get a sense of scale. Highway speed limits are generally 120km/hr).

Here's a grown-up version of Jesse when not attacking Max. The only time I can get her to sit still for a picture is when she's sleepy/sleeping.

and, because I can't leave him out, here's Max:

They're in black and white because I don't like the way colours come out under artificial light, and I don't know my camera well enough to fiddle with the balance and stuff.

That's all. I'm sure once I have time to figure out my camera I'll be posting a lot more photos. It's so annoying, Canon was too stingy to actually print the instruction manual, it's in Pdf mode on a cd. So now instead of my usual lying on my bed figuring what all the buttons do, I have to sit by the computer. I've got the basics, but the cool stuff is still to come!


sarah said...

i loooove the way new technology is so exciting because i never read the instruction manuals and then get to press all the buttons one by one and see what randomly happens!


Helen said...

That's what I usually do. But this one has stuff like "push and hold to focus, then push manual focus and then push the ISO button twice and then the left arrow"

Anonymous said...

i looooooove love love LOVE your puppies.. they are BEAUTIFUL! me thinks Max is my favourite, cos he's left out and all sorts.. ;)

Luke said...

Wow! I can't wait to see the holy item! Camera's are so TOTALLY in right now...

Helen said...

You think you're actually going to be allowed to touch it? Who do you think you are?
(translated that means, you can use my camera, but you aren't allowed to take better photos than me...)